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Trailer: Teh Forum Game
News posted 10th November, 2006 by The Chris Street  
Jon Smeby has me worried for his sanity. He has uploaded a trailer for his upcoming game Teh Forum Game, a game based on discussions in various forums around the McInternet.

To view it, McKlik Here. But please, for his good and your own, remain worried for his sanity.

Posted by Tim 10th November, 2006

Oh we do.. we do..
Posted by Tim 10th November, 2006

Isn't it forums from ANY-the-WHERE?!
Posted by Joe.H 10th November, 2006

Posted by Bibin 10th November, 2006

Yes, it's not just TDC forums.

Although, the game's IDEA did come from a forum topic, about other forum topics. Confusing.
Posted by Simon Colmer 10th November, 2006

HAHA, looks funny! WOOOH
Posted by Reno 10th November, 2006

Posted by Dustin Gunn 10th November, 2006

misspelling "the" isn't funny, damnit!
Posted by Windybeard Games 10th November, 2006

This is some serious funny
Posted by Tim 11th November, 2006

My vote goes to a screenie of the voice over .. man.

Does .. he, have a name? :\
Posted by Assault Andy 11th November, 2006

Posted by X_Sheep 12th November, 2006

Haha, you wrote Pubic Toilet on one of your Youtube videos
Posted by Leighton Williams 1st December, 2006

LMAO, This game look ARWSOME


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