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GOTW #208: Bastard World
News posted 18th November, 2006 by Flava  
It was a pretty close GOTW this week, with Return of Bogart chasing the leader closely. However Bastard World by Radix still won with the most votes. So congratulations Radix!

Click here to download the GOTW.

Not so many games this week - just four in fact. However they are of pretty good quality so should be interesting to see who the winner is. Get voting!

The Turret Game
Fair Hockey Championship
Pancake Luigi

The Clickzine has got off to an "okay" start since its release last week, however we are still looking for some editors! So if you are interested in writing content, please do mail me!

Posted by Phredreeke 18th November, 2006

Flava FTW!

I've missed commenting on a couple of Flava newsposts shame on me. I'm getting lazy...
Posted by axel 20th November, 2006

Paroxysm FTW!

Haha, funny how it's got more GOTW votes than thumbs-up votes. It's totally pwning this week's poll.
Posted by Reno 20th November, 2006

"funny how it's got more GOTW votes than thumbs-up votes"

Posted by axel 20th November, 2006

I guess a game doesn't have to be good in order to win GOTW, as long as everything else submitted that week is even worse. Well, this is not the case, as Paroxysm is totally awesome. But take Joe's 48-Hour Quest for example...

Posted by Phredreeke 22nd November, 2006

How is Joe's Christmas Quest going?
Posted by axel 23rd November, 2006

Lol, you still haven't deleted it from the OHW site?


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