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New Game: AGwaK2: Darkside Adventures
News posted 26th November, 2006 by Flava  
It is a game pretty much everybody has been waiting for - Bernie is back with another platformer by the name of AGwaK2: Darkside Adventures. So if you want to take the role of a blue guy in pajamas and try to find a lost crown, then this is the game for you!

Comments from the author: AGwaK2: DA is a platformer inspired by Super Mario Brothers 2 for the NES. It was made in MMF2 and likes to eat your CPU for breakfast. My sloppy coding could be at fault here, but I can't say for sure. No time for vacations when you're the Imp King's arch-chancellor, oh no! How about you go on a quest to find the king's girlfriend's lost crown instead? And shoot stars at stuff? And kick some koala butt along the way?

Click here to download this game and read its reviews.

Posted by Phredreeke 26th November, 2006

Synin SGJ!
Posted by axel 26th November, 2006

Posted by Dr. James MD 26th November, 2006

I haven't been waiting for it? But now it's here I'll download it.
Posted by Ski 26th November, 2006

True, Ive never heard of it before today.
Posted by Flava 27th November, 2006

Is the DC the only klik site you guys visit?
And surely you've heard of A game with a kitty before?
Posted by axel 27th November, 2006

Lol yeah. It's been on the front page of KlikMe, Total Klik, and even TIGSource


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