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New: Umm TDC Creation!
News posted 9th December, 2006 by Rikus  
We are a talented bunch of folk here at this site. No really we are! Davince started a long topic where you could make your own image that would link to the other, if you would combine them all you would get something really cool and weird at the same time! A tear rolls on my cheek just looking at the beautiful work everyone created. Nice job:)

Comments from the author: Yup, it's the Vertically Continuous Image we all created. It's over five minutes of vertical fun! Enjoy it peopless! Note that some stuff had been censored or even changed to offend no one specific, muhaha.

Click here to download this super cool slideshow and read its reviews.

Posted by axel 9th December, 2006

A bit late, perhaps.
Posted by Rikus 9th December, 2006

I'm in aww of your avatar Axel. I love it!
Posted by Ski 9th December, 2006

YAY! My awful Gollum image was used
Posted by DaVince 10th December, 2006

Oh yeah, I only see it now!

*Saves to computer*


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