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New Game: Santa Claus Save Christmas
News posted 9th December, 2006 by Rikus  
Youuuu better watch out... you better not cry you better not run because i'm telling you whyyyy "Bruto" created this excellent new Christmas game to get you in the Christmas Spirit. Enjoy! Ps. Its made with mmf2!

Comments from the author: Santa Claus Save Christmas is a classical action platform game for arcade lovers of all ages. In this enchanting adventure game with smooth graphics and sounds, the player will have fun all the way jumping and picking presents and special items through the levels in one the best Christmas themed game of the year. If you are a big fan of platform games you will absolutely love this one.

Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

Posted by Peblo 9th December, 2006

The problem with front paging EVERYTHING at the exact same time is that people apparently don't know what a scroll button is and the game at the bottom of the list of new games (in this case, Secret Agent) get the least coverage.
Posted by axel 9th December, 2006

Posted by Peblo 9th December, 2006

"Burning Phoenix created by Aaron Tomko was missed when it was released a couple of weeks ago but it still deserves its day in the sunlight since its actually a pretty good shooter game. "

Shouldn't get coverage before a new game that just came out and deserves frontpaging.
Posted by Rikus 9th December, 2006

Oh Peblo, give me a hug! Even if you don't right now I still luv you
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 9th December, 2006

Awwwww! GROUP HUG!!!
Posted by Ski 9th December, 2006

Thats soo not Rikus. Its his wife
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 9th December, 2006

Posted by DaVince 9th December, 2006

Heh, it would be cool if Rikus' wife made an account and visited regukary too!

If it IS Rikus, then he must've gotten crazy!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 9th December, 2006

All of that fatherin' of a child musta goed to 'is head.
Posted by Rikus 9th December, 2006

LoL. It is me, *too much Tea i tell ya
*. thanks Adam
Posted by Joe.H 9th December, 2006

Rikus is a news whore. He visits little, but when he does he posts often.

Let him occupy the front page whilst he's actually here, k?
Posted by Tim 10th December, 2006

Yes ma'am!!
Posted by AndyUK 10th December, 2006

Hello Rikus!
Posted by Dustin Gunn 10th December, 2006

is that "Santa Claus, save Christmas!" or "Santa Clause SAVES Christmas?" Because I don't like demanding game titles; I'll do what I want when I want, thank you.


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