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News posted 22nd December, 2006 by Knudde (Shab)  
Well it seems that people are STILL not following the submittal rules for the Xmas Compo. So I'm stating them here for the FINAL time.

1. NO ATTACHEMENTS - Upload your entry somewhere then send me a LINK in the email.

2. INCLUDE YOUR USER ID - I've already got one entry that has NO user ID which means; unless the author gets back to me, it will NOT be included in the compo.

3. READ THE OFFICIAL FORUM POST - Chances are, if you have a question; it was already answered in that thread.

If you fail to follow these submittal rules, we reserve the right to NOT INCLUDE it in the compo.

Posted by Dogzer 22nd December, 2006

You are not my boss
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 22nd December, 2006

Piss off dogzer.
Posted by Joe.H 22nd December, 2006

Well said, Shab.
Posted by Dogzer 22nd December, 2006

Posted by Reno 22nd December, 2006

lol also
Posted by DaVince 22nd December, 2006

Posted by Tim 22nd December, 2006

Posted by Bibin 22nd December, 2006

So, we don't need to include source?

Ok good.
Posted by Dogzer 22nd December, 2006

Can it be blitz3D games?
Posted by Peblo 23rd December, 2006

10 hours? I better get started.
Posted by The Chris Street 23rd December, 2006

Only Klik games can make it.
Posted by axel 23rd December, 2006

Okay kids! Click your own avatar in the "My Daily Click" tab, or click your own name somewhere to pull up your own profile.

The numbers at the end of the address, that's your user ID.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 23rd December, 2006


You guys are lucky I'm being flexible about this. So far I should have disqualified 3-4 entries for simply NOT following the submittal rules. I know it's not that hard, so I'm just assuming that most of you are being complete idiots.

In fact, those who HAVE submitted their entries correctly, you guys get an extra 5 points tacked onto your final score for not being stupid, and actually FOLLOWING the rules.
Posted by chrilley 23rd December, 2006

Crap... I think I was one minute too late...
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 23rd December, 2006

you've got one more hour as a bonus present to everyone.
Posted by Tim 23rd December, 2006

203 DC Mail's!? axel!! That must take up a fair bit of room on the server :\

.. and get the "abstract pc" theme for FF
Posted by axel 23rd December, 2006

I'm not getting any gay themes, I like my Fayurfocks just the way it is
Posted by axel 23rd December, 2006

Hehe, just found out Abstract PC only works with FF 1.5.

Update yer Firefox, n00b!
Posted by Nioreh 23rd December, 2006

It's a little hard on us to lose five points. Where did it say you had to submit your ID number. I read through the submission rules on the compo page and it said nothing abou ID number. Or were those not the rules? In that case I think that a rules page should have existed, and not let people search through the forums with page after page of nonsense just to find that rule hiddens somewhere. I have not been able to be at my computer today, and I didn't get a chance to see the front page thing until now three hours after deadline.
Posted by axel 23rd December, 2006

I haven't read the rules, or the full forum topic, but if there was a change of rules somewhere in the 15-page forum thread, then that's shite. People shouldn't have to read through the entire thread just to find out you've changed the rules. Couldn't you just update the rules on the compo page, and notify people on the front page somewhere?
Posted by Nioreh 23rd December, 2006

Well, they did update the frontpage. But too late IMO. I had no chance of reading that, and I don't think I deserve 5 points less for it. When I submitted my game it was correctly done according to all the rules that existed then. Unless I am mistaken and this ID rule actually was written somewhere.
Posted by axel 23rd December, 2006
Posted by Radix 23rd December, 2006

You didn't lose five points, some people just gained five (to the 'float' score presumably, which is going to be all over the place anyway). From the sound of Shab's head exploding, the people that submitted properly were in the minority.
So don't worry about it, five points is pretty insignificant anyway.
Posted by Nioreh 23rd December, 2006

If they get five points added to float and the total is still limited to 100 I guess it's still semi-fair. I thought they would get a possible max of 105. I still don't think it's quite alright though to add rules like that at the last minute.
Posted by Radix 23rd December, 2006

Keep in mind that there are four judges. So if I'm right, that's only an exra +5 out of a possible 400. Not a big deal.
Posted by Nioreh 23rd December, 2006

Posted by axel 24th December, 2006

Fair enough.


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