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New Christmas Games!!
News posted 24th December, 2006 by Rikus  
Woohoo, its almost Christmas! Can't wait! Christmas is my favourite time of the year. We got 3 Christmas themed games for you today ranging from action to puzzle games. Enjoy and a Merry Christmas! Ps. Hopefully the timeline for 2006 should be ready before the newyear starts.

First up is Santaman got the blues created by Hayo a platformer with lots of christmas action.

Comments from the author:This is my entry for the 2006 xmas compo, it's a gridbased christmas-themed platformer starring Santaman. The gameplay is kinda like Fishhead 2/3, but this time with a fairly stable engine and more features. You will get new abilities in temples along your way.

Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

Next we got Sleepy Head Santa created by Hernan This is a christmas puzzle game be sure to check it out!

Comments from the author:Every year on December, Christmas elves start preparing for Christmas. Carol, a 14 year old elf, has the most terrible job ever: guiding Santa and his deer from his summer house to he northpole base (no, Santa and his deer don't fly). It's a terrible job because Santa always falls asleep and is super duper grumpy when waking up! Help Carol guide Santa and his deer to the northpole without waking him up.

Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

And last we got Christmas Thievery created by Slink where you have to fight to steal Christmas presents.

Comments from the author:It's Christmas Eve and you have forgotten to buy the family presents! Looks like you have no choice but to wonder the streets beating people up and stealing Christmas presents which have convieniently been placed outside houses! You haf better watch out though! Father Christmas knows what your up to and has sent his elves out to stop you!

Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

Posted by Peblo 25th December, 2006
Posted by Hernan 25th December, 2006

Peblo's right. Merry Gear Solid deserves frontpage too.
Posted by X_Sheep 25th December, 2006

Posted by Nioreh 25th December, 2006

In that case I think Santa Bomber deserves at least a small mention too.
Posted by Tim 25th December, 2006

+ GoTW?
Posted by Flava 25th December, 2006

The creator of that game already has a game in GOTW. I felt it unfair he had two games (he also admitted that game was kind of a joke)
Posted by Tim 25th December, 2006

Ah right .. fair enough then!
Posted by DaVince 25th December, 2006



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