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New DC Skin Compo
News posted 7th January, 2007 by Rikus  
Alright here we go folks the first compo of the new year: The Official DC Skin Compo! Since we are planning to have a skin selector in the future for everyone we would like to give everyone a chance to contribute. Hence the DC Skin Compo.

Here are the rules: You have to know how to handle .css files and a way to test your skin out. We do allow people working in teams for this. There has to be a theme that flows together. Like a dark theme, or pirates theme or whatever, but it has to come together. The deadline will be February 7th, 1 month from today. You can DC-Mail me with the link to your theme, and i'll forward them over to all the other admins.

In the end the top 3 of best themes will get a spot on the offical DC Skin line up when the selector opens up. Also the winners will receive each 700 dc points. Good luck folks, should be interesting to see what you guys will come up with.

Click here to download the skin files.

Posted by Ski 7th January, 2007

I had to rightly click and save target as. X
Er _ Not that Id be entering...
Posted by Ski 7th January, 2007

Oh that didn't work. Boo Hiss Boo to you
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 7th January, 2007

I don't think the link needed a huge leap of imagination to work out, but I've corrected it.
Posted by Tim 7th January, 2007

Is there like... say, a deadline? :\
Posted by axel 7th January, 2007

Wow yay! I'm so entering!

Ph33r my CSS skillz! Lol... <_<
Posted by Johnny Look 7th January, 2007

Outstanding idea !
Posted by Reno 7th January, 2007

sounds like fun

I think holiday themes should override your 'cutom theme' so on holidays everyone can enjoy them. or at least switch over once
Posted by Radix 7th January, 2007

So the 'prize' for making a skin is for them to be a skin?
So how is this really a competition as opposed to just asking people to make skins so you have some for when the selector goes online?
Posted by Ski 7th January, 2007

lol omg its like christmas again
Posted by Rikus 7th January, 2007

Its for fun upside down Radix, but oh alright the 3 winners will also get 700 dc points each
Posted by axel 8th January, 2007

Posted by DaVince 8th January, 2007

"So how is this really a competition as opposed to just asking people to make skins so you have some for when the selector goes online?"
Posted by erathean 8th January, 2007

[start web standards rant]
How on earth is any creativity meant when I can't change any of the layout because its all fixed table not xHTML/CSS!
[end web standards rant]

Oh well, I might try and throw something together if I've got time.
Posted by erathean 8th January, 2007

And it locks us into the gif format for half the images seeing as they're specified in the HTML rather than the CSS file.
Posted by Tim 8th January, 2007

It's a "skin / theme" competition, not a "layout / template" competition.
Posted by erathean 8th January, 2007

Yeah but if anyone actually read the HTML specification they'd realise this little bit in the HTML 4.01 (onwards) specification

"Tables should not be used purely as a means to layout document content as this may present problems when rendering to non-visual media. Additionally, when used with graphics, these tables may force users to scroll horizontally to view a table designed on a system with a larger display. To minimize these problems, authors should use style sheets to control layout rather than tables."

So it was more a rant at the site but its also a rant at the fact I don't have as precise control over the positioning of elements.
Posted by Matt Boothman 8th January, 2007

Quit yer yapping. Gif is perfectly fine for this kind of thing - and the tables work fine.

If it aint broke...
Posted by Tim 8th January, 2007

Until fairly recently HTML WAS used for the positioning of elements. And the merge from HTML into XHTML/CSS won't happen fully for a couple years at least yet, as these things never do.

As Boothman (I again preferred Noodle) said, the tables etc work fine.. It's a pain to put a skin together for this site but it works and it's already been done, so oh well.
Posted by erathean 8th January, 2007

I blame the Scottish Executive. I did work experience with them a year or two ago and they drilled it into my head very clearly that using tables for layout was completely unacceptable. Tables do work fine, lets just hope no blind people want to join the community... because its hilarious to listen to screenreaders reading this site. xHTML/CSS is being adopted by pretty much all major companies atm SilverNova along with a lot of the "Web 2.0" ideas.

Oh and there is a way round the GIF problem but I can't be bothered doing a skin atm.

Good luck though. Hope to see some lovely entries and SilverNova - stay off the glaringly obvious gradients.
Posted by Tim 8th January, 2007

Yeah that's because its LAW now to make sites more friendly toward the visually challenged. I know major companies are adopting the idea, its called progression and things will continue this way slowly for a couple years until HTML + tables are eradicated completely!

You can tell me what to do if you win Bye bye
Posted by alastair john jack 8th January, 2007

Go and win Tim!
Posted by Peblo 9th January, 2007

I'm gonna win.
Posted by Peblo 9th January, 2007

'The Hentai Click' anyone?
Posted by Tim 9th January, 2007

Get out.

oh and thanks alspal
Posted by Bibin 9th January, 2007

That screenshot... in the news post... heh, Quick Admin bar.
Posted by Peblo 10th January, 2007 ewspage.asp?id=1910
Posted by Phredreeke 10th January, 2007

Thod 3 deserved GOTW
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 10th January, 2007

Yet again, I have to wonder what possessed me to sign up with that as my online name.
Posted by Peblo 10th January, 2007

Posted by Tim 7th February, 2007

Posted by Klikmaster 7th February, 2007



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