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News posted 24th January, 2007 by The Chris Street  
Continuing the theme of new features, this one actually brings back a feature which I tried in the forums a few years ago. I'm bringing it back to encourage debate, and if it proves popular, then the feature will be regular.

Basically, every Wednesday, there will be a topic to discuss or debate on the front page. If you wish to take part, I urge you to be respectful of others opinions if you disagree with them.

So, the discussion for this week is as follows:

What Klik game is in desperate need for a sequel or remake - and why?

Maybe it could be a klik game from the past, that proved to be a classic "back in the day", or perhaps a modern-day game requires a sequel in order to continue its legacy. Perhaps a relatively bad game was released which, in your opinion, could do with a complete revamp.

Please keep your comments and suggestions clean, and without insults - and add your ideas to the comments section of this news post. Enjoy the discussion :)

Posted by Matt Boothman 24th January, 2007

Mr Stumps Dentures.
Posted by Flava 24th January, 2007

I wouldn't say it desperately needs a re-make, but a game I'd like to see a sequel to would probably be Lyle In Cube Sector. Was obviously a popular game and I'm sure a sequel would be popular too
Posted by 24th January, 2007

Ketchup Kamel.
Posted by Hernan 24th January, 2007

I don't believe in sequels. If a game appears to be a succes and very popular, then don't touch it anymore (Same if it totally sucks, then you can throw it in the garbage and burn it).

And I can't think of any game that needs a remake °-°
Posted by Ski 24th January, 2007

Noitu Love, totally.

The only sequels I don't believe in are that of Disney's.
Posted by Fifth 24th January, 2007

Hmm... it's true that sequels can often cheapen the original game...

Lyle In Cube Sector was indeed a teriffic game, but I think it stands well as self-contained as it is. Another game in a similar spirit/style/whatever, as more of a continuation of the train of thought than a direct sequel with the same characters/elements... I think something like that would be a better move.

One game that I'd loved to see picked up again/remade/something is Streambolt. I loved it as it was (even though it was two bosses short of comletion), and would love to see another klik game in that well-polished, Treasure-esque hectic enemy-swarming shooting-platforming vein of things.
If you know what I mean.
Posted by The Chris Street 24th January, 2007

I too was thinking along the lines of Lyle. Or maybe Mr Malibus (can you remember that far back?)
Posted by axel 24th January, 2007

Noitu sucks. I demand Lyle sequel!
Posted by 24th January, 2007

Within a Deep Forest, can't believe the sequel got abandoned... what I've played of it was really wonderful. >.>

Other sequels i wanna see are Lyle and Paroxysm... and maybe some more that I can't think of right now.
Posted by 24th January, 2007

Noitu indeed sucks.
Posted by Reno 24th January, 2007

WaDF definatly!
Posted by Ski 24th January, 2007

Noitu doesnt suck at all. Infact I think Lyle sucks bad, I don't get all this "WOW OMG LYLE IS AMAZING"
¬_¬' Pssh
Posted by Hayo 24th January, 2007

I would love a new Shima Bros.
Posted by Spiriax 24th January, 2007

I agree with everyone that Lyle in Cube Sector and Within a Deep Forest needs a sequel. And well... Mr. Stumps and Paroxysm too. But that's not because those games were bad and needs to be "redone" somehow - it is because it is great games and it would be sweet with the double experience.

About non-klik games... the Megaman X series really needs an amazing Megaman X9 or something, otherwise the series will end horribly... and the most things were terrible with the latest Megaman X-games.
Also Alundra, that game rocked some sweet ass. I haven't played the sequel but I heard it was totally different and were really really bad. Therefore an Alundra 3 is needed on the PS3 (or something?), with a gameplay similar to the first one!
Posted by X_Sheep 24th January, 2007

New Peetoo game!
Posted by Fifth 24th January, 2007

Mmm, Alundra... That game was so wonderful, 'cause it was like the illegitimate love-child of Landstalker and Zelda... with such beautiful 2d spritework, excellent music, and a deep storyline...
And then Alundra 2 comes, which seems just like any other 3rd-person Playstation fantasy-adventure game. Such a shame.

But as wonderful as Alundra is, it's hardly a Klik game (and thus I shouldn't really be talking about it here).
Posted by Joe.H 24th January, 2007

Eternal Daughter. -> Revamped to be made easier

Plus a sequal would be totally awesome.
Posted by skatekid 24th January, 2007

Definitely Within a Deep Forest. A new world, some new/replacement balls, a couple of new nice "features"
Ebay,$50 a pop
Posted by Spiriax 24th January, 2007

Fifth: Yes, I agree totally. Alundra is a masterpiece... the first one that is.
"Maybe it could be a klik game from the past, that proved to be a classic "back in the day", or perhaps a modern-day game requires a sequel in order to continue its legacy."
Talking about modern-day games is allowed.
Posted by Spiriax 24th January, 2007

Oh, of course it meant modern-day klik games, lol. And you can't even delete your comments here.
Posted by lembi2001 24th January, 2007

I recall a game called The Ray of Light (or similar) which looked fantastic! Anyone heard about this? Unfortunately the game was abandoned by it's creator. I woud like to see this game actually completed
Posted by Johnny Look 24th January, 2007

There's no point on making sequels as their main purpose is to capitalize the original game, which doesn't make sense if it's the sequel of a freeware game.
Posted by Superfunk 24th January, 2007

I think Eternal Daughter should be remade to feature parallaxing and definitely a reduction in difficulty.
Posted by Silveraura 24th January, 2007

Or rather have a sequel, because the game is well suited as a game that could do well in a sequel.
Posted by AndyUK 24th January, 2007

After seeing what fishhead world tour would have been like i think we could do with a new fishhead game.
Posted by BeamSplashX 24th January, 2007

Mr. Malibus 2 should've been finished! What else... anything by David Blackwell (whose favorite color is red), Naimistath, some of those half-complete Drunken Missile games, Crystal Blue Sky...

Does anyone remember that online game TAPIS?
Posted by Fragasnap 24th January, 2007

Super Bubble Blob
Posted by Spram 24th January, 2007

Eternal Daughter, Lost Valley and Red Feud.

Posted by Dr. James MD 24th January, 2007

Posted by axel 25th January, 2007

Eternal daughter is terribly overrated. I still don't get why people praise it as the best klik game ever. The main reason it's hard is because it's got such an awful engine. Pah.

I'd really like to see a sequel to Paroxysm and Treasure Tower though.
Posted by Green Gnome 25th January, 2007

My memory is bad and can't remember any older ones at this early in the morning (woke up five minutes ago) but I'm definetly voting for Knytt.
Posted by LIJI 25th January, 2007

I'm for Knytt and Super Bubble Blob
Both of these game got original idea and gameplay, That'll be nice to have more games of there kinds.
Yet SBB got a level editor by me </shameless plug> and Knytt is going to have more games with the same theme.
Posted by Hempuli 25th January, 2007

Take anyone of Jonny's games

Lyle would need a new sequel
Posted by X_Sheep 25th January, 2007

Also Teh Forum Game.
Posted by kmhvslj™ (Your Friendly Non-Bot Clicker) 25th January, 2007

Blockguy :rolleyes:

Nah, haven't really played enough good Click games for years so a bit hard to comment. Maybe Circy will someday Mr Stumps Dentures 2? I remember Chris Och's games as very neat but I wonder if he's even around anymore.

What about (never going to happen) sequels for In the Pit and LBC, eh?
Posted by X_Sheep 25th January, 2007

Blockguy 2 - Being worked on, somewhat
Posted by X_Sheep 25th January, 2007

Wait a minute, you know that already
Posted by kmhvslj™ (Your Friendly Non-Bot Clicker) 25th January, 2007


Wlel, I hvae a hbiat of gniog to garet lhtnges to cnosufe plepoe.
Posted by Fanotherpg 25th January, 2007

I'm waiting for The Spirit Engine 2 which is aproaching...
Posted by axel 25th January, 2007

Yeah, in like two years or something. And it won't be freeware this time.
Posted by Fanotherpg 25th January, 2007

Yea.. I know.. But it is a sequel which I'm waiting for And some other not mentioned...
Posted by Tim 25th January, 2007

Jonny RPG 2 FTW!!

LOL... featuring Jonny v2.0 the new-improved, super Smeby
Posted by RenatoDep 25th January, 2007

Noitu Love
Posted by Jon Lambert 25th January, 2007

Teh Forum Game
That's all I'm saying.

For now.
Posted by Bibin 25th January, 2007

Uhmmm..... well, a sequel for Teh Fo--

[X_Sheep and Sergio drag Bibin into alley and beat him up]

[Bibin walks back in]

There's definetly not a sequel. Just joking.
Posted by Lukas Hägg 25th January, 2007

@ Spiriax: The Megaman X series ended at Megaman X6, everything after that is conscidered non-canon.

On-Topic: A sequel to Noitu Love would be awesome.
Posted by Lukas Hägg 25th January, 2007

Eveything as in "everything MMX"
Posted by Jake G 25th January, 2007

Another Jonny RPG, Mr Stumps Dentures...
Posted by Green Gnome 25th January, 2007

It'd be nice if Rand0mness would get a sequel. Just a longer one with more work and time and sweat spent while creating it.

Another game would be Fishhe.. Oh wait..
Posted by AndyUK 25th January, 2007

a lot of these games are really new, use your long term memories please.
Posted by Jason Orme 25th January, 2007

Lost Valley

Amazing game
Posted by viva/volt 25th January, 2007

Knytt and maybe Teh Forum Game
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 25th January, 2007

I'd expect more people saying Streambolt.
Posted by X_Sheep 26th January, 2007

I still think Peetoo's Revenge should get a sequel.
Posted by Jenswa 26th January, 2007

A Game with Kitty v2.0
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 26th January, 2007

Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 26th January, 2007

I agree, Sheepie. Peetoo needs a sequel!
Posted by Del Duio 26th January, 2007

I don't know if Lost Valley needs a sequel, the original was big enough for 10 games in itself!

I'd like a Lyle sequel, maybe the same idea but set in another sector. The sewer system? "Lyle in Poop Sector". Now that sounds like a fun one!
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 26th January, 2007

Jenswa, Darkside Adventures is Kitty 2. Same engine and everything. Kitty is even in the full name.
Posted by Plooscva 26th January, 2007

Spuds Quest could do with with a sequel, I prefered Spuds Quest over the original Dizzy games.
Posted by Hayo 26th January, 2007

A Game with a Kitty v3.0
Posted by ThePodunkian 26th January, 2007

Plooscva - chrisd is working on an update that adds a lot of new elements to the game, so YOUR WISH JUST MIGHT COME TRUE! ( source : )
Posted by BeamSplashX 26th January, 2007

Destruction Carnival: Director's Cut

Cube in Lyle Sector. Avoid getting thrown!
Posted by Plooscva 27th January, 2007

Oooh, Cheers Podunkian. Also not much of a sequel request but it's a shame you abandoned Operation: Sitting Duck 2, seeing that game finished would mean a lot to me.
Posted by bhlaab 28th January, 2007

I know future fantasy's already been remade, but it was purely cosmetic. A remake with actual Zelda controls and improved AI would be ace
Posted by Phredreeke 28th January, 2007

Treasure of Drunk Island sequel: I dunno how a sequel would be set up, maybe it would have Danny (the original hero's brother) against a revived skull guy (can't remember his name).

Fate of Monkey Island 2: This was almost finished from what I heard, but Lucasarts sent the author a cease and desist letter He later made That Night Before, the best klik game ever IMO.

Brother Island 3: I'm a sucker for point and click adventures. Anyway, BI2 was the first point and click adventure made in klik software I played, so it feels special to me.

Brother Island 1 Remake: The original BI wasn't a point and click adventure, but a mix of various small arcade games. A point and click remake would be kewl.
Posted by TheoX 31st January, 2007

"Knytt and maybe Teh Forum Game"
Nifflas is making a sequel of sorts for Knytt.
Posted by DaVince 2nd February, 2007

Locked 7. Nice idea, horribly programmed (ancient stuff).
Posted by Tomssuli 7th February, 2007

Kaiser Kitty, I loved it and played it through so fast that it left me thirsty for more of it!
Posted by Imp of Hazard Games 15th February, 2007

I'd love to see Gunner 4 (if it's ever gonna be made)


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