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The Weekly Click #2
News posted 28th January, 2007 by Flava  
As usual, not much has happened in the previous week. However there are still a few interesting things that you might want to know.. I suppose..

  • JohnsProgram of Acoders has announced that he has scrapped his project, Lil' Wizard. He said that he felt "the game itself is so outdated". Click here for more information.

  • According to the mighty Pod over at Total-Klik, Fallen Angel Industries are making some kind of a comeback. They appear to have a new website, although at the moment it is just an image of their logo. Click here to visit their new website.

  • Adam of Crobasoft has again changed some of the graphics for their upcoming game, Riva Runs (which is apparently pronounced River Runs). The new screenshots look awesome and it seems to be a highly anticipated game. Click here to see the new screenshots.

  • Shab has just announced that the DC Christmas competition results will be released this week. The judges have finished writing up their results - Shab will now be putting them together so that we can finally find out who has won.

  • The Clickzine is now looking for new editors. I have made a post there explaining how you can apply to become an editor. Hopefully we can get the Clickzine running at full speed - thanks to Circy who has posted regular updates! Click here to visit The Clickzine.

  • Posted by The Chris Street 28th January, 2007

    Shame about Lil' Wizard, but John did scrap it a couple of times, if memory serves correctly.

    Maybe he could upload what he's done to TDC as abandonware?
    Posted by Reno 28th January, 2007

    yay adamz
    Posted by axel 28th January, 2007

    Lol Adam, how many times have you changed the graphics for the game now? Nah, keep at it. It looks awesome so far.
    Posted by Dr. James MD 28th January, 2007

    I was never excited by Lil Wizard. Not a pickle it tickled. Might have played well though...
    Posted by Johnny Look 28th January, 2007

    cool... fallen angel is back.
    Posted by Plooscva 28th January, 2007

    Fallen Angel! Can't wait till the website starts!
    Posted by Rikus 28th January, 2007

    Go Flava you are my hero!! Woohooo! ummm... nobody say a word
    Posted by Plooscva 28th January, 2007

    You must have a lot of heros
    Posted by Ski 28th January, 2007


    Sorry I couldn't resist
    Posted by Hernan 28th January, 2007

    Hey, if your going to correct people on their spelling, you might as well correct the one Flava made. Can you find it?
    Posted by Tim 28th January, 2007

    Yeah I found it

    Posted by Joe.H 29th January, 2007

    I said that he felt "the game itself is so outdated".
    I should be He, shouldn't it.
    Posted by X_Sheep 29th January, 2007

    "The judges have finished writing up there results"
    Posted by Flava 29th January, 2007

    Thanks, I kind of hurry when typing stuff!
    Posted by Hernan 29th January, 2007

    Yeah, that's the one
    Congrats, you deserve a cookie.
    Posted by Hernan 29th January, 2007

    lol, too late on replying, now it looks stupid. Wasn't there a delete comment option? Can't find it.
    Posted by X_Sheep 29th January, 2007

    You can't delete comments on news posts, only on downloads. Don't ask why.
    Posted by Tim 29th January, 2007

    Please tell me you haven't grown piggy tails Jonny
    Posted by Del Duio 30th January, 2007

    The Riva Runs Reeeeeeed! Black Rain Fa-a-alls!
    Dust in my Ha-a-and! (My hand!)

    Looks good, and you can always use the Midnight Oil song for the title screen
    Posted by Ski 30th January, 2007

    what? lol
    Posted by The Chris Street 30th January, 2007

    Yeah older games have been reviewed there. Then again though I've done virtually all the work this month...
    Posted by Flava 30th January, 2007

    And we love you for it!
    Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 30th January, 2007

    Yes, thank-you for standing in for our lazyness.


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