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Talking Topic #2
News posted 31st January, 2007 by The Chris Street  
Welcome to the mid-week Talking Topic!

If you don't know what this section is about, allow me to explain. Basically, every Wednesday there will be a topic to discuss or debate on the front page. Readers are invited to submit their own opinions on various matters, but please don't use this as an excuse to insult others based on their opinions. Remember, everyone is entitled to an opinion, regardless of whether you disagree with it.

So, the discussion for this week is as follows:

What single aspect of a klik game matters most to you?

Your answer could be based on originality, for example, or maybe how addictive it is. Could graphics or well chosen music be important to you? Good presentation, perhaps? A solid game engine? A likable cast of characters ingame?

Please submit your opinions in the comments thread. Happy debating!

Posted by Tim 31st January, 2007

Probably how addictive as that is an accumulation of other various factors. To be more specific, I reckon originality
Posted by Paul_James 31st January, 2007

To be honest its all things - kinda an X factor. Its how the game meshes together. Graphics arent super important to me however, I dont want to be bleeding from the eyes while playing a game. The gameplay can be amazing but sometimes simple is best - and story, something that gets me involved.

Its everything a great game doesnt have to have the best graphics (within a deep forrest) or spectacular gameplay - as long as everything fits ~ ill play for hours.
Posted by Ski 31st January, 2007

Cute graphics, happy graphics- I dislike serious games 80% ofthe time. I play games to get away from the seriousness of life.
Posted by Superfunk 31st January, 2007

What matters to me is the gameplay. I don't care about graphics, presentation, originality, or how complex the engines are. I just like good fun. I like good plot, but it's not required to make a game great.
Though, I usually attempt to put all of those good things into my games.
Posted by Green Gnome 31st January, 2007

It simply just is that X-factor. Gameplay is really important to me a well but I've played through games with annoying camera angles and movement and I liked them.
Posted by axel 31st January, 2007

Mostly gameplay. Graphics are also very important, but if a game only looks good, but isn't fun to play, it doesn't stay on my HD for long. Originality is also fun, as long as it doesn't go too far. Audio (sound, music, ambience, speech) is also a vital, yet so underrated aspect of game design.
Posted by Dr. James MD 31st January, 2007

Music. It's the same with any 2D game to me. A good soundtrack (Turrican, Sonic etc) can even make a bad game good for me, as music can control emotions blah blah. Theres a bit in Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow- the Pinnacle bit. It's a rather small area but I hang around there levelling up just for the heroic music.
Posted by Lukas Hägg 31st January, 2007

It varies, depending of what aspect of the game the author 'hypes'. Though, a solid presentation (i.e. everything fits. Gfx, music, gameplay etc) is what I always look at.

One thing a lot of games/authors fails at is making the game feel consistent. If you play with the arrow keys you should navigate the menus with the arrow leys.
Posted by Matt Boothman 31st January, 2007

A good, solid, bug-free engine.
Posted by Ando 31st January, 2007

Gameplay and story, I think. I haven't really thought about it much...

On one hand, solid gameplay can keep someone playing for hours, even if the story is terrible. On the other, a fantastic story can outweigh poor gameplay. Although, a fantastic story is best delivered with appropriate graphics (a silly story can get by with simple, but well done graphics; a far more serious story would require much more detail) and music.

So, one of those two. I can't really choose one.
Posted by PeterD 31st January, 2007

not much matters but nonviolence and a good story
there arent enough games with christian values nowdays wich is a shame
Posted by Hill Gigas 31st January, 2007

Original graphics. Even if the orignal graphics are drawn in MS Paint and look terrible, it is much better than ripped graphics that look great.
Posted by 31st January, 2007

Is the christian values thing a joke?
Posted by axel 31st January, 2007
Posted by s-m-r 31st January, 2007

I'm all about FUN games. I could care less how the graphics look (unless it's so jarring as to keep me from looking at what I'm doing); I can pop in a CD if the sound sucks; I'm pleased if gameplay works enough that I can die only because I make stupid mistakes or it's just that tricky; and cartoon violence doesn't bother me much at all.

If the game elements come together to make a fun, enjoyable experience, I'm all for it.
Posted by kmhvslj™ (Your Friendly Non-Bot Clicker) 31st January, 2007

Gameplay and how fun the game is matters to me. I wouldn't really bother to spend hours just to learn play games. Maybe that's why I've never been a simulation fan even though Flight Simulator X looks pretty cool...

It is hard to combine "Christian values" and video games but I can't see a reason to make fun of someone who favours the Bible standards or alternatively wishes to play "Christian video games".

For my part I have to say that I don't feel bad to jump on the opponent with Mario (eh) but I do feel bad if I had to use a rifle to kill soldiers of another side or run over realistic game characters with a tank and see their "blood" all over my screen. Then again this goes off-topic very much now.
Posted by steve 31st January, 2007

A solid game engine - without it everything else falls apart.

and yes, The Angry Video Game Nerd rules ^^

That bible games video is very funny, also check out his review of Ninja Turtles.
Posted by Kazuma 31st January, 2007

Fun, plain and simple.
Posted by AndyUK 31st January, 2007

^ what Kazuma said.
Posted by Reno 1st February, 2007

"What single aspect of a klik game matters most to you?"

The playness factor, how much fun it is to keep playing the game
Posted by Blueberry 1st February, 2007

I think the game has to have a good presentation. Sometimes when you play klik games you feel worried that you might not make it to the next level... because a collision doesn't work in the end. I played a klik mario clone and got stuck because I couldn't go anywhere. And the levels I managed to complete where just collisions with an invisible active object at the end (it seemed like that anyway).
Posted by Bo Fu 1st February, 2007

Is it possible for a human being to beat the game, or just the creator?
Posted by Blueberry 1st February, 2007

I think the guy who made the game didn't even test it. Or he knew a trick and forgot that the people didn't know it.
Posted by Bartman 1st February, 2007

Although the important part of all games is that it should be fun, another point that should be made clear:

The game should look as professional as possible. Games that use stuff like buttons to quickly get a menu system going laid out on a purple box doesnt look good; thus potential players are going to flee because it looks unpolished and unfinished. Therefore people are going to avoid it.

A game needs to look attractive somehow, if you dont have it, people will just pass on by...
Posted by ben mercer 1st February, 2007

One of my primary goals of game design nowadays is to create some good mulitdimensional gameplay.

For example, my current work in progress is a top down shooter, where you will have to defeat a variety of different intelligent computer controlled opponents in a variety of different situations.

There are many balls that the player must juggle at once. They need to constantly be considering tactical elements such as their position and exposure to enemy fire, which weapon is the most suitable for the current job, trying to predict what the AI will do next.

Another factor important (IMO) to games is skill. There is the skill of throwing grenades effectively, aiming your weapons, and also a kind of "minigame" when firing automatics to keep the gun straight as it recoils after each shot.

Gameplay should be complex, but it is usually better if this complexity is transparent to the player. Instead of presenting the player with a whole load of things to remember at the start, introduce different gameplay elements one at a time throughout the course of the game, then combine them in different ways later on to challenge the player further.
Posted by Muz 2nd February, 2007

Yeah, right. Every time someone puts up a "the best klik games ever?" topic, everyone mentions all the technically difficult klik games, and when I mention the FUN games, plenty of people go all 'but those games aren't impressive'. I guess the click community is still about making games not making games.

But, IMHO, I think what matters most to me in klik games now is replayability or at least lastability. Most klik games hardly last more than an hour, compared to the time it took to make and download. Someone should make a game that could be replayed in other ways or at least that has so many tactics and strategies to invent that you can play it several times without getting bored.

For that, Siege! and Snowbrawl co-op still win my votes.
Posted by ben mercer 3rd February, 2007

"Developers can make good graphics now but have lost the essence of what makes games fun"

How many times have I heard that? Technical complexity raises expectations of a game on all fronts. Some of them fail yes, but you forget that plenty of the non technical games that come out are rubbish too.
Posted by Muz 5th February, 2007

Plenty of today's games kinda lose out when they focus too much on showing off the tools rather than the result. I guess that's the reason why directors and game designers are so important, they remind everyone which way the game is going.

It's kinda sad that with all the technically complicated games out there, only a few actually used the extra power to enhance gameplay. Two games that impressed me are HL2's engine and the Total War series. TW games seem to add on more and more graphical enhancements that meld in perfectly with the gameplay... a knight charges into a pike and he gets thrown high, giving you some satisfaction of putting the pikemen there, buying them in the first place. HL2 was by itself, too focused on allowing the player to use the engine to drop cars on zombies, etc, making the game a bit too slow-paced... but just about every other game using the engine used it impressively, and most importantly, they were all damn fun.
Posted by ncsoftware 13th February, 2007

Most important about of any game is the values it portrayes. Most games teach bad values and it seems to be a hidden agenda in the gaming industry to bring as much coruption into people as possible.

I've been a clicker for many many years, even remember knp being released. In those days click games were original, fun to play.... now they're just trying to be copies of what the gaming industry pushes on us.


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