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New Game: Santasm 2
News posted 6th February, 2007 by Flava  
Radix has just submitted his entry for LAST YEAR's Christmas competition, and it goes by the name of Santasm 2. Although one year old, he has only just submitted it to the site. If you're upset that Christmas is 11 months away, then download this funky platformer to get you in the mood.

Comments from the author: So Phil is back, and he's leading another elf uprising right before xmas. Ordinarily Santa would just thwomp him again, but unfortunately this time Phil has a handy toyification beam. So Santa finds himself turned into a toy with only one night to stop the elves from taking over the world.

Click here to download this game and read its reviews

Note: This is probably a good time for me to tell you that we're currently having a few problems getting the Christmas competition results posted up here - sorry about that! We'll try to get them up as soon as possible.

Posted by Tim 6th February, 2007

Posted by Nioreh 6th February, 2007

Posted by Tim 6th February, 2007

Posted by columbo borgi :C 6th February, 2007

when will be that as soon as possible?
im really going to get stroppy while im checking the front page...
Posted by Plooscva 6th February, 2007

Posted by Simon Colmer 6th February, 2007

Who won this years xmas comp?
Posted by AS Filipowski 6th February, 2007

Why does it take them so long to mark the games?
Posted by Ski 6th February, 2007


*Imagines admin sat around drinking coffee, giggling and ticking books.

Posted by Tim 6th February, 2007

Posted by Tim 6th February, 2007

*angry smiley
Posted by AndyUK 6th February, 2007

Maybe my game was so bad it actually made their pc's crash beyond repair.
Posted by Ski 6th February, 2007

lol, Bibin is desperate

**** Bibin Enters Chat ****
<Bibin> *NOW
**** Bibin Leaves Chat ****
Posted by Tim 7th February, 2007

<Adam> I'm desperate

Posted by The Chris Street 7th February, 2007

Be patient, Shabs probably got a lot of other stuff on.
Posted by Tim 7th February, 2007

Posted by DaVince 9th February, 2007

Can I still submit my game?


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