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News posted 7th February, 2007 by The Chris Street  
Welcome to the mid-week Talking Topic!

If you don't know what this section is about, here's a quick explanation. Basically, every Wednesday there will be a topic to discuss or debate on the front page. Readers are invited to submit their own opinions on various matters, but please don't use this as an excuse to insult others based on their opinions. Remember, everyone is entitled to an opinion, regardless of whether you disagree with it.

So, the discussion for this week is as follows:

What is the best cheat or bug you have found in a klik game, and how did it happen?

For instance, you might have found a secret stash of collectables in the final level of Crystal Towers, or maybe the secret rooms in Eternal Daughter and Lyle In Cube Sector? Maybe a totally crazy bug was found that enhanced the gameplay of a certain game - which the author didn't intend?

Please submit your opinions in the comments thread. Happy debating!

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Posted by Dr. James MD 7th February, 2007

Stuck in a wall in MSD!
Posted by Ski 7th February, 2007

I doubt its a bug or a secret, but I got excited when I jumped to far in WADF and a dragon ate me
Posted by Tim 7th February, 2007

LOL!! Jimmi

Hmm lets see... I fell through the floor on game with a kitty and then on top of that it crashed _ So that was fun.
Posted by Ski 7th February, 2007

Posted by Dr. James MD 7th February, 2007

Hah. I did that too Adam. Wasn't too keen on WaDF to be honest, but I loved Knytt. Haven't found a bug in either!
Posted by columbo borgi :C 7th February, 2007

i loe that, in claick and play, when u use the standard platform movement, you could easily climb up on the edge of the frame. one of my friends made a game ybout this bug, where you should "break" dance to the top of the screen
Posted by columbo borgi :C 7th February, 2007

*love, *click and play, *about
Posted by Hernan 7th February, 2007

Yeah, I know that trick. You can use it to 'jump' over any wall or obstacle Hardly any people still use the standard platform movement though.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 7th February, 2007

That dragon scared the life out of me when it first appeared, Adamski - even now I jump whenever I go too far by accident.

Do many people actually include cheats in their Click games? This could be quite a good place for outing them as well.
Posted by Duncan 7th February, 2007

The slide-run in Eternal Daughter pretty much drastically altered my playing style.
Posted by Tim 7th February, 2007

I know of one for Fendez' Terragon I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say though..

<.< >.>
Posted by Superfunk 7th February, 2007

In Eternal Daughter, you could stand at the very edge of a platform and slide to go in that direction really fast!
Posted by Green Gnome 7th February, 2007

I still love the screen edge climb. I even made a wallclimb possibility using that on one old Klik & Play back in the day.
Posted by axel 7th February, 2007

Klik & Play? You can do it in TGF games too.
Posted by chrilley 7th February, 2007

The screen edge climbing bug is in CNC, MMF, MMF and MMF2 as well. When are they gonna fix that?
Posted by chrilley 7th February, 2007

MMF, MMF 1.5, and MMF2*
Posted by Reno 7th February, 2007

got stuck in a wall in kaiser kitty
Posted by Ski 7th February, 2007

The graphics were so awfully dark in that game.
Posted by Tim 7th February, 2007

Posted by Radix 7th February, 2007

Reno: eh? I didn't think that was possible.
Adam: Yeah, you can't see shit on a CRT. My mistake.

Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 7th February, 2007

"Got stuck in a wall". Creative and unique there.
Posted by Ski 7th February, 2007

lol, that's cute. Phizzy has a CRT Im sure, and he even complained of its darkness.
Posted by Radix 7th February, 2007

Uh, yeah, right. It would be dark if he were using a CRT. Did you read what I said?

Also, you can stop being such a faggot about it, because I've admitted the mistake.
Posted by Muz 7th February, 2007

I learned that I could beat just about every boss in a Blackeye Software game by using MoSlo or one of those other computer slowing programs. The engine of BES games depend too much on the speed of computers .
Posted by Phredreeke 8th February, 2007

The screen edge climbing bug is in CNC, MMF, MMF1.5 and MMF2 as well. When are they gonna fix that?

They don't. They let US fix it Custom engine FTW
Posted by alastair john jack 8th February, 2007

Games FTW!
Posted by Assault Andy 8th February, 2007

I mashed the keyboard on a Operation Sitting Duck demo, and all the hitboxes and stuff came up. So it must have been a debugger left in the demo. I could see how the game's ai worked by looking at all of the objects they were using as sight. I found that very exciting
Posted by Hayo 8th February, 2007

I never really play games so I should shut up here.
Posted by Hempuli 8th February, 2007

I found this funny when I played JonnyRPGWizz:
I was on 7th level, and when there came the 'GET READY!' the game suddenly jumped into the 'EXTRA'-selector. An hour for nothing I couldn't even send the Hi-Score. Later that bug happened no more.
Posted by DaVince 8th February, 2007

Being able to warp anywhere with the mouse button in this one abandoned Fallen Angel game.
Posted by Ski 8th February, 2007

Posted by Joe.H 8th February, 2007

I played a game about killing bugs once.

Does that count?
Posted by Tim 8th February, 2007

Was killing the bugs a cheat?
Posted by DaVince 8th February, 2007

Skyhammer, yes.
Posted by Reno 9th February, 2007

I don't have a CTR I have a LCD. Just so you know
Posted by Tim 9th February, 2007

B-But everyone has a Calcitonin Receptor
Posted by Tim 9th February, 2007


Posted by Reno 9th February, 2007

you mean the same IP given to all the computers on that router? YOU HAVE A CLICKER NEAR YOU
Posted by Ski 9th February, 2007

I have a terrorist near me
Posted by AndyUK 9th February, 2007

once in either fishhead 2 or 3, i started a new level and all the detectors were visible, which was only a few things like a large rectangle sticking out of fhishhead for enemy sight detection.

also in my game Tops the pig 3, you have to cheat to finsih it. Press 1 at the level map screen to unlock all 5 levels.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 9th February, 2007

Treasure Tower - Konami Code on the title screen (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A) then Shift to change the game's title to an early in-joke.

Special Agent - You can get to the demo version of the Security Point by pressing Down when you're on the roundabout just left of the Control Tower. As Alt Mode only exists in the full game, this is also the only way to access its Alt Mode version.
Posted by Wicked Studios 9th February, 2007

lol best cheat ever was in a game my friend made. pretty much its two tanks battling and when you press a key (he didnt tell me which one! grr!) it turns your tank into a pimpmobile, and its invincible. kinda dumb, yeah but still funny as hell. especially the voice clip that announces "PIMPMOBILE" metal slug style
Posted by Nioreh 10th February, 2007

I once fount the biggest bug ever. This website I visit from time to time said they would announce compo results one day, yet some glitch made the website not update itself about the issue. A whole week later, nothing had happened. I had a friend look at it, and I know it's not a problem with my PC cus it happened on his computer too.
Posted by ben mercer 10th February, 2007

I liked the bug in a game with a kitty, the one where you could swim through the air. The engine sometimes got confused about whether you were in the water, and from that point on, you could swim to anywhere you liked in the game.
Posted by BeamSplashX 10th February, 2007

I found out how to get a power scroll early in ED after beating the "grotten" king dude. For the wall in the forest area, you double jump, then wall jump. It takes a while, since you need one of those things on a leaf to fall from the top of the screen to hit you. The pushback from the damage will push you right into the scroll.

For the underwater heart in the forest, you leap in and wait for the fish to come to you, then kill all of them. Then, backslide into the water, grab the heart, and swim out.

There was another one in the ice cave before you talk to that elder fellow, and you'll be strong enough to get that once you've gotten the other scroll and heart, all before meeting the elder again after the king boss.

I loved that game.


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