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The Weekly Click #5
News posted 18th February, 2007 by Flava  
It hasn't exactly been a busy week for news, although there have been a few new games released. I've tried my best to find the most interesting news-bits for this week!

  • GameTrailers have put up a trailer of Circy's upcoming game, Mr Stump's Dentures 2. The trailer is the same as the one posted by Circy last week, however this one is of much better quality, so check it out. The trailer seems to be getting good feedback from people outside the click community, which is surely a good thing! Click here to visit GameTrailers.

  • LIJI has continued providing new services for the community, this time releasing a link sharing website. You can submit your site and then hopefully you'll get a few more visitors. Click here to visit Link-O-Click.

  • After scrapping one game, JohnsProgram of Acoders has announced that he has started a new project based upon a past DOS game, Joe Snow. He has posted some more information, as well as a screenshot at the Acoders website. Click here for more information.

  • Creator of Satan Sam, Jimmi has released a website for his upcoming game Tormishire. He says how "It's not much", but if you want to see the latest art and updates, then this would be the place to go! The site also has more information on how the game will be published by Gamesare, and will not be freeware. Click here to visit the Tormishire website.

  • Posted by LIJI 18th February, 2007

    Yay! I'm on news again!
    Posted by steve 18th February, 2007

    MSD2 looks fantastic
    Posted by Flava 18th February, 2007

    I agree!
    Posted by Reno 18th February, 2007

    Tormshire looks good. But the video trailer at 1 minute, he pushes a box and it goes FLYING after hovering in mid air (because 1 pixel collides with land). Doesn't look good.
    Posted by Ski 18th February, 2007

    he said that was an old trailer.
    Posted by X_Sheep 18th February, 2007

    Link-O-Click was around before actually, but LIJI recently brought it back to life.
    Posted by Green Gnome 18th February, 2007

    Ah crap.. I woke up LIJI. Sorry. ^^

    Wish the Link-O-Click site itself had a list of the websites in the ring though.
    Posted by LIJI 19th February, 2007

    Loc was down and it's now restarted. (Server problem stuff thingy)
    I'll add a list today.
    /me makes sure to turn off speakers next time.
    Posted by Tim 19th February, 2007

    /me laughs


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