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News posted 21st February, 2007 by The Chris Street  
Which is your preferred klik product, and why?

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You might, for instance, prefer using The Games Factory due to its ease of use, or its image editor - even though you might have MMF. Conversely, you might also prefer MMF to TGF, due to its advanced features, while you also might prefer both in comparision to MMF2 Developer- could it be too expensive for you, and does it offer enough bang for your buck?

Please submit your opinions in the comments thread. Remember to keep things clean, and please respect the opinions of other individuals. Happy debating!

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Posted by Del Duio 21st February, 2007

MMF1.5 because it was my first Click product (and my only). That's an easy reason.

I like the ability to have games that can scroll easily if I want- this was a big issue when I tried to figure it out in VB before.
Posted by Fanotherpg 21st February, 2007

Klik n Play because it was first..
Posted by RenatoDep 21st February, 2007

MMF2 Dev!!!!!!!!
Posted by Dr. James MD 21st February, 2007

MMF1.5's art editor and MMF2's interface would make me a happy puppy.

A mix of the 2.
Posted by Hayo 21st February, 2007

I used to be a bitch about MMF being crappy and kept using TGF for a long time, but I am really comfortable with MMF2 dev now, but I still use the TGF pic editor for my pixelart, just because I am so used to it.
Posted by Aptennap 21st February, 2007

Im using TGF, because of the easy interface and the picture editor is really handy.
Posted by Ski 21st February, 2007

MMF1.5 PICTURE editor and MMF2's layers made me happy.
Posted by Tim 21st February, 2007

MMF 1.5 was me best at first, but then MMF 2 makes things quite a bit easier.. That now being my favourite overall, though I agree with the Jimmster
Posted by LIJI 21st February, 2007

MMF2 Dev.
Yet MMF1.5's image editor is much more advanced. (more tools, non-square selections, brushes)
Posted by Daymian T 21st February, 2007

MMF2 Dev. But theres a special place in my hart for good ol' klik & Play. I remember I thought it was the coolest program ever when I first found it. I spent many many hours making crappy games with it.
Posted by Ando 21st February, 2007

I have to agree with Hayo. I love having MMF2Dev. I started off with TGF, and never actually got MMF1.5. I didn't have the money. It was really annoying scanning through extension lists and 98% of the really awesome ones were MMF only. But now that I have MMF2Dev, that's not a problem.

Plus, they really took everything wrong with TGF and MMF1.5 and fixed it for the 2 series.
Posted by Plooscva 21st February, 2007

MMF2, because it has a reasonable price and quite powerful unlike shitty TGF2. MMF2 Dev is just too expensive, and I don't think I would make a big use of the extra features/extensions nor the selling without a logo license. I hate TGF and MMF interface as well as everything else, and KnP is just past...
Posted by s-m-r 21st February, 2007

I fell in love with game-making software when I was a kid downloading KnP games from AOL. Nowadays I'm making my own with MMF2 (standard). I haven't seen any other game-making software that is as easy to use as MMF2.
Posted by steve 21st February, 2007

MMF2 Dev. Crucial addition over 1.5: Active object alpha channel & layers. Lets me make games that compete with the big boys in the casual gaming market
Posted by Reno 21st February, 2007

MMF2 but MMF1's image editor.
Posted by -Liam- 21st February, 2007

I've been using TGF for years. As time went by I learnt how to do things etc but it took AGES! I've looked into the MMF2 DEMO But for whatever reason there are just so many things that I just don't understand about it! I mean I'm so lame tha tI can't figure out how to create a new frame in the animation editor! Mastering this software will take me a looong time...
Posted by Superfunk 21st February, 2007

Klik & Play, I used to be addicted to this. That was before I knew of the existence of Clickteam and the newer ancestors of Klik & Play they created that were much more superior. Today, this is not worth using.
The Games Factory is okay, but not what I'm looking for. It's not expandable like MMF. I actually think Game Maker is better than this.
Multimedia Fusion was awesome, until MMF2 came out which was way better.
Jamagic was just a confusion and costed more than MMF. I need knowledge of C to use that thing. It's harder, and not what I'm looking for at all.
The Games Factory 2 isn't much different from the original. It just has the same interface as MMF2.
Multimedia Fusion 2 is what I'm using, and I like it the best out of all of Clickteam's products. I don't care about the high price, because it has everything I want, and the way I want it.

MMF2 Developer is my preferred choice.
Posted by ben mercer 21st February, 2007

I'm a little disappointed that some of the really good MMF 1.5 extensions failed to be ported to MMF2 or have not taken full advantage of MMF2, but that said all in all it still is vastly superior to any of the other click products.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 21st February, 2007

MMF2 did have serious problems when it was first released because of the lack of ported extensions, but I don't notice a difference now.

I still maintain that MMF1.0 was a bit broken in terms of interface (some madness stayed in MMF1.5, such as the Text menu). The picture editor from 1/1.5 would be good if it didn't crash every ten minutes and had a better palette layout, but I always found the animation editor pretty atrocious. (Ctrl+V Ctrl+V Ctrl+V)
Posted by Radix 21st February, 2007

There's a difference? Uh... MMF2 I suppose. It's like TGF, with an incremental update!
Posted by 21st February, 2007

I've never really have had a problem with any klik software. I used Knp to start, then TGF to learn more, then MMF 1.2, 1.5 and now 2.x. I hate the fact that they crash (although MMF2 doesn't that often anymore), but otherwise, I'm pretty happy about them.
Posted by Wicked Studios 22nd February, 2007

i want to say klik n play because thats what got me started on this kind of software altogether. me and my friend would make crappy ass games and think they were the coolest all the time lol. i think ive gotta go with mmf2 though, because its.. well... better. WAY better
Posted by Introversity 22nd February, 2007

MMF2, but I use MS Paint for image editting
Posted by Jake G 22nd February, 2007

TGF2 because it was more affordable to me.
Although I actually would rather MMF2
Posted by Peblo 22nd February, 2007

Alonso is that a huge beard you have?
Posted by ncsoftware 22nd February, 2007

I went from KNP, TGF, MMF1, MMF1.5 (both versions) to MMF2 standard. I didn't choose developer since for me it doesn't add anything it all and I can live with the logo.

I'm getting used to MMF2 and since it's packed with cool new features it's worth it, but I still prefer MMf1.5's setup and layout and some of it's extensions that will never be converted to MMF2, unfortunally.

But MMF2 is the future for me, that's sure.
Posted by chrilley 22nd February, 2007

MMF2 Standard is my choice. MMF2 Dev is better I suppose, but the price is sky-high, not worth it at all. The standard will do just fine for me.
Posted by Bibin 22nd February, 2007

Yes, MMF2 standard for me too. It's interface is great; somewhat like TGF, but much more advanced.
Posted by Green Gnome 22nd February, 2007

I like Vitalize. Making random little games for a website is just fun! Which is why I wanted to learn Java in the first place.
Posted by blanco 22nd February, 2007

STOS and AMOS basic
Posted by Reno 22nd February, 2007

Why doesn't clickteam make it so MMF1 extensions can be used for MMF2. even if there would be a lack in some things that MMF2 extensions offer :\
Posted by AndyUK 22nd February, 2007

Probably because it was written from scratch. It doesn't take much to port the extensions over though apparently.

MMF2 is quite a large leap from TGF, I'm still getting used to it and sometimes do some things in TGF picture editor and paste them into mmf2.
Posted by JustinC 22nd February, 2007

Click and Create
Posted by Wraith Storm 23rd February, 2007

I would have to say Klik n' Play! It was so easy to use and aside from "True" scrolling it did almost everything i needed it to do. It also provided me with unforgettable memories (Silkys, Future Fantasy and all the great teams that are no longer together.) Years later my friend and I went in half and half and got MMF 1.5 and were so excited. Here I sit some 5 years later and STILL cant figure out how to make the screen scroll. LOL... so naturally the demo of MMF 2 was completely overwhealming to me.
Posted by Lukas Hägg 23rd February, 2007


Before I sat with TGF and dreamed of getting MMF. Never got it, but when MMF2 was released I thought, "what the heck" and bought it
Posted by MasterM 23rd February, 2007

knp because you had to be creative at creating something decent and everybody sucked back in the day which made me look good.
i prefer mmf 1.5 though because it has so many extensions- mmf2 cant be that yet
Posted by Green Gnome 23rd February, 2007

Hehe.. Remember the times when everything had the hot spot in top left corner of the active object? Man the game was great if the hot spot was on the right place instead of jumping into walls if you just turn around.
Posted by ncsoftware 24th February, 2007

Also MM2 still needs Vitazile to get ahead of MMF1.5
Posted by axel 25th February, 2007

I used to use MMF 1.5 for programming and TGF for graphics, mostly because the MMF 1.5 picture/animation editor was just awful. The interface was so buggy it was hardly usable.

That was earlier though. I semi-recently got MMF2 Dev, and now it's my program of choice for both programming and graphics. I don't use that much extensions when making proper games anyway, so I can't really say I miss anything from MMF 1.5.
Posted by Muz 26th February, 2007

MMF2, definitely. The colored expression editor actually makes my long formulae readable and the debugger saves me a bit of time. The animation editor's also a lot faster to use, no longer need to click so many things just to flip an animation. Saves a lot of time for people who only make quick animations and pics .

Heck, if you guys like the MMF 1.5 animation editor more, you could just use that and import the gfx into MMF2. I used to make gfx in KNP, then import them into MMF.

Still, I liked KNP. Maybe it was just that the community was livelier back then. More IRC chans, less people caring about game quality, just a lot more fun overall, because nobody knew how things worked. And KNP was fun just for being so simple.. yet when I try back, there's just too many things missing... no file saving, no 'negate', 256 object limit, can't believe I ever made anything in it



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