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GOTW #223: Diamond: Revolution 2
News posted 3rd March, 2007 by Flava  
It was a close one between Diamond: Revolution 2 and Kebab Shop Manager, but Brandon's game got a few more votes and so is this week's game of the week! Congratulations to Brandon!

Click here to download Diamond: Revolution 2.

A good number of games for you to vote for - 8 games in fact, ranging from platformers to puzzle games. I think it'll be another tight vote this week, then again I'm usually wrong when I say that so we'll see at the end of the week.. Anyway, get voting!

Forbidden Way Eozsof
Mr Blocko: Super Tournament Edition
Solar Rescue Denetsu
A Mini Falafel Adventure
Santa's Challenge
Pack it!

Posted by Fanotherpg 3rd March, 2007

Like for now it's tight like you said few games go head to head.. Next hard GOTW.
Posted by Johnny Look 3rd March, 2007

why is it the 222# gotw again ?
Posted by Flava 3rd March, 2007

Posted by LIJI 4th March, 2007



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