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The Weekly Click #8
News posted 11th March, 2007 by Flava  
Nothing exciting at all this week, just a few bits and bobs that might interest you.

  • Clickteam have been releasing BETA tests for build 244 of MMF2. There have been six releases for this build so far, which fixes several bugs and adds a few new features to MMF2 (including OR operators, and other cool features). This has probably been the best update for MMF2 yet - but remember, it is still in testing stages. Click here for more information on these updates.

  • Jimmi has again updated his Tormishire website. He has just announced that the engine for the game is finished and almost playable, and that short demos may be shipped out soon. I figured everyone is looking forward to this project, so thought I'd post some information here!Click here to visit the Tormishire website

  • SilverNova have a new member called Haita and they have announced a new project in the works, which is called Vault. The screenshots look interesting and the game looks pretty good! Click here to visit SilverNova.

  • The Clickzine is looking for some previews. If you have a game that you want us to look at, then send a playable demo to one of our editors and we'll write a short review/preview. May help hype your game a bit and also gives us some more content! Click here to visit The Clickzine.

  • Posted by Aptennap 11th March, 2007

    what's the game on the picture?
    Posted by Flava 11th March, 2007

    Posted by Liquixcat 11th March, 2007

    You would know wouldn't you!?
    Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 11th March, 2007

    You forgot to mention Phizzy's return and swift re-banning.
    Posted by DaVince 12th March, 2007

    He got re-banned? No way!
    Posted by Tim 12th March, 2007

    I'm surprised that you're surprised..
    Posted by Phredreeke 12th March, 2007

    What did he do to get banned again?
    Posted by DaVince 13th March, 2007

    I guess he's banned because he made one more useless topic. And he sweared at Circy at the Clickzine.
    Posted by viva/volt 13th March, 2007

    And he's phizzy...


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