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Skin Selector and other goodies are now up and running!!
News posted 12th March, 2007 by Rikus  
Some of you might already noticed some changes around here, and indeed clubsoft returned and he kicked some ass today i tell ya. And yes i am now running the orange theme, good times:)

Flava gave us the rundown what has changed in the forum earlier today: - Admin alert: If there is a page or forum post that you find offensive or that breaks our rules, you can click the alert button on the side and report it to us. Makes it quick and easy for us to resolve issues. Obviously, abusing this feature is not allowed, so only use it when necessary.

- Skins system: You can now change your skin through the user admin page

- New buttons: New clickteam and clickzine buttons on the left of the website

- Previews: You can now edit previews by going to your preview and clicking the Edit Preview button

- Some forums bugs fixed, and a new sticky feature so that admins can sticky forum topics which are important Big thanks to Clubby for these updates

Click here to go to your new User Admin Page.

Posted by Dr. James MD 12th March, 2007

Gotta be orange.

So does this mean admins are going to start being admin-y to trouble causers?
Posted by Peblo 12th March, 2007

I like Nastyman's.
Posted by Peblo 12th March, 2007

Are we allowed to admin alert bad grammar in a newspost?
Posted by Del Duio 12th March, 2007

Nastyman's is too girlie but the black one is nice.
Posted by Plooscva 12th March, 2007

Where is my blue theme? It was one of the skins by SilverNova. That's the one I was gonna use
Posted by Clubsoft 12th March, 2007

Theres a couple more to add, need tweaking slightly as they dont work at current in IE
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 12th March, 2007

Well, I don't like the new skins
Posted by Willy C 12th March, 2007

Like the black one, Its easy on the eye
Posted by Nioreh 12th March, 2007

I tried the orange one out. It was nice, but the size of the font in the comments is WAY to big. BTW, when will the complete christmas compo results be out? It's been a very long time now.
Posted by DaVince 12th March, 2007

They HAVE been out, lol. Slacker.
Posted by Hempuli 12th March, 2007

Posted by Tim 12th March, 2007

Where're my other ones?

I thought they worked fine in IE.. but edit them should you need to..?
Posted by Tim 12th March, 2007

I must say, my 1st theme is pretty cool hahah
Posted by axel 12th March, 2007

Lol you... <_<

I'm using NastyMan's one
Posted by Nioreh 12th March, 2007

Well, I mean not the quick and dirty ones. I know of those, I'm not stupid. I mean the real results!
Posted by Reno 12th March, 2007

ya are admins actually going to be 'admins' now? :|

Thats a new thought
Posted by JohnsProgram 12th March, 2007

I like the classic orange skin.
Reminds me of when The Daily Click first started.
Posted by DaVince 12th March, 2007

"I mean the real results!"

They ARE the real results, as far as I know.
Posted by Hernan 12th March, 2007

lol you can stop screwing around with Nioreh now DaVince otherwise you two will keep rephrasing eachother
I agree with Nioreh though. Shab still hasn't announced winners of the extra prizes and gave the judges reviews after several months now. Isn't this some kind of new record ?
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 12th March, 2007

Are we allowed to admin alert bad grammar in a newspost?

Only if I get to fix them.
Posted by Peblo 12th March, 2007

Posted by Ski 12th March, 2007

I started to make a skin but I can't do alot more than the top bar If anyone wants to finish it they're quite welcome, Im too busy with uni and that.

Posted by Jason Orme 13th March, 2007

I like the black one, the others though.. not so much.
Posted by Tim 13th March, 2007

LOL ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah could do
Posted by Liquixcat 13th March, 2007

Your skin needs to be made Adam .
Posted by DaVince 13th March, 2007

Awww, that's cute Adam.
Posted by axel 13th March, 2007

I'm gonna make a TDC skin editor! Ph33r!
Posted by Tim 13th March, 2007

Posted by Plooscva 13th March, 2007

Adam, you gotta finish it!
Posted by Tim 13th March, 2007


What he meant to say was:

"You can finish it if you really want to Adam You're my best friend."

(Thank me later Ploo ) .. wtflolkthnx

I'll finish the theme if you likes.
Posted by DaVince 13th March, 2007

I likes!
Posted by Plooscva 13th March, 2007

Uuuh, I noticed we now have a visible link to the rules
Posted by Ski 13th March, 2007

Tim will be finishing it tommorow. Ive decided.
Posted by Blueberry 13th March, 2007

Great! Wonderful! Jippi!

I just wonder where the "Vista" skin is.
Posted by Tim 13th March, 2007

I'm sure BrandonC will come up with one, if he hasn't already

Actually... I DO think he did
Posted by Silveraura 13th March, 2007

Well it wasn't necessarily meant to be a Vista skin, but it did resemble it pretty well I guess.

I'll make a Vista style skin some time, but I still need to finish the other skin I made, I didn't make all the buttons and stuff yet.
Posted by Ski 13th March, 2007

My skin is easily the best ever.
Posted by Muz 13th March, 2007

LOL, nice skin adam.

Eh, we're already admin-y enough to troublemakers to the point of power abuse . The alert button just adds to the fun so we could see where the troublemakers are lurking. Double posts, grammatical errors are ok, but they kinda make the reporting person look obssessive-compulsive .
Posted by Ski 13th March, 2007

Posted by Rikus 14th March, 2007

Hey Adam, i love it, mail me and clubbie when its finished
Posted by Blueberry 14th March, 2007

Finish it soon BrandonC, it looked wonderful. The same glossy, crystal style as in Vista.
Posted by Ski 14th March, 2007

omg Rikus loves me. We shall be wed.
Posted by X_Sheep 15th March, 2007

Rikus is already married, foolsio
Posted by Ski 16th March, 2007

We'll see about that ;_;
Posted by X_Sheep 18th March, 2007

He already has a child too ;P


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