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Hosting Emergency
News posted 22nd March, 2007 by Rikus  
Hey guys, Clubsoft got the following disturbing email a couple of days ago. Because of this we need your help. If anyone can give us some tips on good asp webhosts that handle this kind of traffic that the dc uses please do let us know. Also since club wont be getting a refund on a full year paid of webhosting, we could really use some donations right now. If you where ever going to donate to the dc this would be a great time to do so. Hopefully the transfer will go smoothly in 2 weeks and hopefully some of you can help us out. Here is the letter:

Dear Customers: Please accept this letter as a formal notification of intent to terminate service and for you to seek an alternative provider. The Company is providing you with a two-week notice to afford you the opportunity in obtaining hosting services elsewhere. We intent to fully cooperate with you in assisting you with migration and transition processes upon request, if necessary. This termination is not a result of any wrong doing on your part, but rather the Company is ceasing all business operations at this time. We are grateful for your dedication, business and continued support. We wish you all the best in your business endeavors and it was a pleasure serving you. Yours truly, Customer Care

Posted by BeamSplashX 22nd March, 2007

I change the skin and this shows up.

Holy crap. I'm sure we'll make it. If only I could donate...
Posted by Peblo 22nd March, 2007

Well lets see how much I get paid this paycheck I guess.
Posted by Dr. James MD 22nd March, 2007

Uh oh!
Posted by Ted Boomerang 23rd March, 2007

:C :C :C :C

How come they won't refund your years subscription to the service? That's inexcusable
Posted by JFrudy 23rd March, 2007

isnt that extortion?
Posted by »xerus 23rd March, 2007

Posted by Radix 23rd March, 2007

I was going to pledge my tips for the next week and then I remembered I don't get any anymore. Volunteers for temple whores?
Posted by Zethell 23rd March, 2007

And this is why i preffer to host everything myself in a clauset ^^
Posted by Flava 23rd March, 2007

"How come they won't refund your years subscription to the service? That's inexcusable"

I agree, but it seems as though the company involved can't actually give anyone their money back. I'm not sure if there are any legal issues there - although I don't think there is as a business in the UK recently shut down and no customers got their money back. Not much can be done about that.
Posted by Peblo 23rd March, 2007

I often usher my hosts into a closet too.
Posted by Plooscva 23rd March, 2007

Cute Doggy! Umm, what's going on? I host in the attic.
Posted by DaVince 23rd March, 2007

Aw no, not the "please" look!

Dammit, if only my bank was a bit quicker in giving me internet bank account access... I hope I can donate soon!
Posted by Hempuli 23rd March, 2007

Posted by Villy 23rd March, 2007

What kind of traffic?
Posted by CsaR 23rd March, 2007

Well I have the . They offer unlimited bandwidth, but I'm not sure how that would apply to a site of this magnitude. Maybe they limited the speed or something.
Anyways I have never had problems with them and they are very cheap.
Posted by Hayo 23rd March, 2007

Oh that sucks. Just made a donation.
Posted by axel 23rd March, 2007

I know Natomic used, before they... Um, died? You could check that out.
Posted by MasterM 23rd March, 2007

If you replace the dog picture with a kitten picture I will donate money
Posted by Joshua M. 23rd March, 2007

Hmm I donated some money, but it really isn't much. I didn't have a lot left on my Paypal, but at least I didn't keep it to myself hehe.
I hope you'll find some good new hosting! Damn man, no refund, that really sucks.
Posted by Ski 23rd March, 2007

If you replace the dog picture with a kitten picture I will donate money

Why? That dog rocks.
Posted by MasterM 23rd March, 2007

yeh its a pretty cute dog but you are based because you are a dog owner
i dont own a dog neither a cat but i prefer kitten
it seems like everybody loves dogs in real life but on the interweb there are more people who love cats. look at b3ta- it seems like everybody is crazy for cute kitten on b3ta. in fact kitten ARE way cuter than dogs. this dog is just a rare example that dogs can be cute as well
Posted by DaVince 23rd March, 2007

"I know Natomic used, before they... Um, died? You could check that out."
Natomic's site was also slow as hell.
Posted by Ski 23rd March, 2007


And its not a rare example at all.
Posted by Beau 23rd March, 2007

Don't use sectorlink. That is what faind use to be on. It is expensive as hell. We were paying over $100 a year to keep up with our bandwidth and we're not even that big.
Posted by Dr. James MD 23rd March, 2007

It's craply run but Streamline are quite good. I'm paying £70 for 2 years ($140), unlimited bandwidth blah blah.
Posted by ~Matt Esch~ 23rd March, 2007

Streamline aren't as good as they look. Shared hosting plans are not the way to go really, especially when you have no guaranteed contention. Unlimited = guaranteed nothing, as there can be no such thing as unlimited, it just means they can't be bothered to monitor it lol.
Posted by Brad  23rd March, 2007 has some really great dedicated servers. The company I work for currently uses the bronze package (which runs about $199 a month for a Windows 2003 Standard Server). Even though it's a Windows server, surprisingly we haven't had any trouble with crashes.

If you pay for the year upfront ($2400) then I think you get the entire next year free. Personally, I'd sign up and send the bill to your current host. Those fuckers should pay for leaving you in the dark.
Posted by Villy 23rd March, 2007

TDC requires windows servers - Since it uses ASP (Chillsoft blee dosn't match up). The question is how much traffic TDC uses...
Posted by Tim 23rd March, 2007

Hmm, I'll ask around my 'contacts' Give me a day or two.
Posted by Clubsoft 23rd March, 2007

Traffic: Between 75 - 150gb typically, on pages + page images alone
Posted by X_Sheep 23rd March, 2007

Posted by Clubsoft 23rd March, 2007

Posted by Johnny Look 23rd March, 2007

oh shit.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 23rd March, 2007

that sucks...

I'f only I had a job...
Posted by Tim 23rd March, 2007

Yeah s'fine, I know a guy that can do the job, and I'll see about getting it a little cheaper for you too
Posted by Villy 23rd March, 2007 (norweagian)
the secound package, 4 gb space, 200gb transfer pr month. And you can get windows server with ASP there.
I had a account there before, they are good.
Posted by Bibin 23rd March, 2007

When the site is down, we should set up a temporary forum hosted somewhere else, like has some nice hosting.
Posted by Simon Colmer 23rd March, 2007

go with these
its who im wish (
Posted by Tim 23rd March, 2007

SilverNova's new forums will be up in a day or two

*runs* hehe
Posted by Clubsoft 23rd March, 2007

Shouldnt be down for more than a few hours if all goes well, Ill get it up and tested on new servers once ive decided where to put it, and only take the site down to clone the database across
Posted by nim 23rd March, 2007

"Traffic: Between 75 - 150gb typically, on pages + page images alone"

That's a huge number for just text and images. Sorry to sound like a web standards evangelist from 2002, but you guys could reduce that figure by a lot if you were to start using proper CSS layouts instead of bloated html tables. Not only is there less code but external css files are cached. Also, we would be able to make proper skins (ie. new layouts) instead of turning the page fluorescent orange and swapping Mitch for pumpkin.gif.
I'm sure there are a bunch of people here who could help you make some layouts. You could probably make it another competition.
Posted by AndyUK 23rd March, 2007

I'd like to see how much is donated for this,

i'll try to if i ever get around to updating my paypal details, i got a new card recently you see.
Posted by Plooscva 24th March, 2007

I know! You put the extra cute doggy up there to soften out hearts so we will go off and look for hosts for you. It ain't worked for me, yet.

Unfortunately I ain't able to donate.
Posted by Hempuli 24th March, 2007

My parents wont let me donate
Posted by CsaR 24th March, 2007

I had like 60gb of bandwidth transfer one month since I released one of the blast radius games and many sites hotlinked the file. The hosting company didn't say a thing so maybe the unlimited bandwidth does really apply.
You could always mail them and ask what happens if it's a problem to have 75-150 gb of monthly bandwidth because they really are cheap. They cost like $5 a month for 4gb of space...about $3 for 2gb. .
They support asp, php and all that. (no mdb databases though (only MySQL).
Posted by Zethell 24th March, 2007

If i still had my 100/100 Unlimited Bandwidth connection i would personally host your site untill you found another place.

To bad i only have 25 / 1.5 unlimited now
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 24th March, 2007

Posted by ~Matt Esch~ 24th March, 2007

Have you found your hosting plan yet?
Posted by Superfunk 24th March, 2007
It's expensive, but it's a yearly payment and you get unlimited everything.
Posted by DarthFALCO 24th March, 2007

For my website,, I've been using for almost 2 years and theres never been any downtime (that I know of.) Their Economy plan is $3.99 USD per month and includes 5GB space and 250GB data transfer per month. They also let you choose between Windows or Linux servers when you sign up.
Posted by Bricnic 24th March, 2007

Well it's not much, but I gave what I could. Hope it helps keep TDC running.

It's expensive, but it's a yearly payment and you get unlimited everything. "
-50 GB Data Transfer limit on even the most expensive plan, that isn't unlimited.
Posted by Joe.H 24th March, 2007

he means
Posted by Steve Harris 24th March, 2007

Godaddy rock.
Posted by MasterM 24th March, 2007

no kitten = no money
Posted by Billybobjoe198 24th March, 2007

Master M Just donate, I would if I could. But don't be a stupid idiot. You use this site just try to help it.
Posted by Dr. James MD 24th March, 2007

CsaR, when Sam was launched I got 60gb of downloads a day for a few weeks (though the zip file itself is huge). My host didn't bat an eyelid too. Course it's settled down now but I'm still getting about 70-100gb a month now and they're totally cool with it. I'd love to see what kind of bandwidth they're not keen on
This is the Unlimited account at Stream Line.
Posted by Steve Harris 25th March, 2007

I've got 976 gigabytes a month on Godaddy's deluxe linux package. Complete awesomeness.

Deluxe Plan:
• 100 GB Space • 1,000 GB Transfer
• 1,000 Email Accounts • FREE! Software
• 25 MySQL Databases • Unlimited Email Forwards
• Forums, Blogging, Photo Galleries • No ads
• EXCLUSIVE! Metropolis Hosting Community
• FREE! $25 Google® AdWords® Credit1

If you do it for 24 months you pay $134.16. BUT you can apply some coupons to get the price down -

If you use the $20 discount code you'll get all that for $114.16. Bargain.
Posted by Steve Harris 25th March, 2007

Edit: They say 1,000 GB's but it's actually 1,000,000 MB's which is obviously less than 1,000 GB's
Posted by Zethell 25th March, 2007

1 000 000mb is 1000 gb..

well maybe a few gb less, but still, in the way we count today, its 1000gb..
Posted by Tim 25th March, 2007

compensate for the 24bytes etc. *rolls eyes* it doesn't really matter, it's a hecka lot regardless.

Posted by Jeff - Clickteam 25th March, 2007

The Gwerdy Chat room people just sent a donation
Posted by Steve Harris 25th March, 2007

Sorry obviously hadn't had enough coffee this morning...

1,000 gigabytes = 1,024,000 megabytes... wonder why I only get they're doing me out of 24,000 megabytes of traffic!
Posted by MJK 25th March, 2007

I can't believe why doesn't CT fully fund this community site. This is full of CT's best customers who will keep buying MMF3, MMF4, MMF5 etc. etc. in the forthcoming years + spreading the word, helping to get more new customers, BUT only if they will remain active inside the community. If the site vanishes, so does CT's customers and future sales potential. IMHO, this is lack of customer oriented business thinking.
Posted by Jeff - Clickteam 25th March, 2007

The Daily Click likes to stay independent.

If Clickteam paid for all the costs then there could be accusations of censorship/favoritism on part of TDC to protect Clickteam if topics like "MMF2 sux" were deleted or removed. The way it is now that can never be said. Well it can be said but it would a bit untrue and even the TDC isn't doing it on the basis of financial reasons.

Plus I expect to see talk about other tools and games made with other products here.. More of a general game developers site and not just "click" games.
(Yes 99% of the talk and games are click now but who knows what the future holds)

Now that being said Clickteam would donate additional funding/resources if ad-space, the operators goodwill and the community did not support it enough but I think they do.

The guys who run the TDC know where to find me and certainly if they need more cash please talk to me.
Posted by Ski 25th March, 2007

I need cash. And a clickteam shirt plz ;_;
Posted by vortex2 25th March, 2007

I donated $20. I hope TDC makes it .
Posted by MJK 26th March, 2007

That's a good point, Jeff. If TDC really likes to stay independent, then it's totally normal that CT isn't supporting the site totally/continously.

Maybe it should be asked from TDC-users. Would you like to have TDC up all the time, with some more CT content and involvement around the site (which, by the way, could increase the userbase and make this community even more visible among new potential users), or remain struggling with insecure individual donations and server problems? The site wouldn't be independent anymore, but at least it would exist in the long run. That is, if CT would like to get more involved with TDC in the future.
Posted by lembi2001 26th March, 2007
these seem to be a rather good hosting company. they offer both linux and microsoft hosting solutions, 300GB webspace, 3,000GB transfer limits and top it all off we all could have @tdc emails cos they offer 4,000 email accounts, all of this for just $14.99 a month (usually $19.99).
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 26th March, 2007

Will you talk to the 21 000 mothers who demand to know why their boys can't have a @tdc email, huh? Just kidding... sounds good...
Posted by Tim 27th March, 2007

Posted by Johnny Look 27th March, 2007

Posted by MasterRaichu 27th March, 2007 hosts us at The Games Page, and I've never had a problem with them. Their servers are very fast, and they basically have unlimited transfer. I'm not sure how their Windows servers are, but the Linux server we run on is awesome.
Posted by Ski 27th March, 2007


Read Jeffs comment, Sheila.
Posted by Zethell 28th March, 2007

If i could get 1000 apes, and then make them 1000 apes work at a zoo undercover feeding other animals for no pay.. then maybe i could get enough profit from it to donate the amount of cash that this site needs to stay alive..
Posted by Muz 2nd April, 2007

I think CT sends a lot of donations to TDC, if I'm not mistaken. That and they sponsor pretty much all the prizes for the big competitions TDC make. It's close enough to sponsoring the site, but not exactly owning it. Still, I know a few admins who delete things non-klik or any CT-bashing .


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