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News posted 28th March, 2007 by The Chris Street  
What is your personal favourite klik game you yourself have made, and why?

This is the discussion for this weeks Talking Topic!

There could be a variety of reasons... maybe the game you made is the first one you submitted to the community... maybe your game ended up on a magazine CD. Maybe your game is the one that you simply enjoy playing the most, or possibly the game could be your most well coded to date. What are your reasons?

Please submit your opinions in the comments thread. Remember to keep things clean, and please respect the opinions of other individuals. And, if you have any ideas for the Talking Topic, feel free to mail them to me! Happy debating!

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Posted by Phredreeke 28th March, 2007

Scurvy Sanchez (the first or SE one). It may be flawed, but there's no other klik game quite like it.
Posted by DaVince 28th March, 2007

Pizza Delivery DX, because it's the only thing I made and finished that didn't suck.
Posted by Hempuli 28th March, 2007

Hmmmhhhh.... Most people may think Abstractica is my favourite, but actually.. My favorite game made by myself is..


...AGH! When I just checked, I have 300+ games to choose from! I have over three hundred of abandoned TGF/MMF games and Engines, and actually I think most of the abandoned games are way better than the completed ones.. Let's say my favorite is John and Max, an old, ugly, two players platformer game that I made in the ancient past. It got very famous in my neighborhood Maybe I should upload it somewhere here
Posted by axel 28th March, 2007

The game I'm currently working on. It doesn't have a name yet. All my other games are shit, more or less.
Posted by Hempuli 28th March, 2007

I love Pink: Prime
Posted by ben mercer 28th March, 2007

Same as axel, the game I'm making. It's not finished yet but it's well on the way, and better than any of the other games I have released. Its not only fun to play, it's also a joy to work on because I kept my code organised for once.

I have got another more ambitious project in the works but it's in hiatus for now until MMF2 gets some more extensions.
Posted by Matt Boothman 28th March, 2007

Barry Manilow Goes Shoplifting. Just for the name.
Posted by CsaR 28th March, 2007

Blast Radius 1, simply because the gameplay of it is actually really fun and the game isn't that buggy either.
Posted by Silveraura 28th March, 2007

Without a doubt, Diamond: Revolution 2. I put the up most of all my effort into making that game, and I think that it truly shows it. It truly was a benchmark of what I could do at the time, given the tools I had at hand.
Posted by Hayo 28th March, 2007

Bernard & Hank : Springtime again, tho I made it with my team and it will take 7 days before it's even released.

Posted by Zethell 28th March, 2007

Brigade Online - Well it was my first successfull MMORPG game Project that actually worked nicely online with multiple players (10-20 tested). Hmm, still got the source.. should get to it again..
Posted by Phredreeke 28th March, 2007

Everyone keeps saying games they're working on. I am working on another Sanchez game (Return To Isle Pokuh), and I'm quite proud of what I've accomplished so far.
Posted by Tim 28th March, 2007

What axel said.
Posted by Ricky 28th March, 2007

My favorite game was my dodgeball game, it was the first one i was willing to share with my freinds, and my first attemt ever to make a decent A.I. While it was poorly done, me and my freinds all had fun playing it.
Posted by Neuro 28th March, 2007

Paroxysm, it's the only one I've finished so far I have a new game that's going well at the moment, though. It's part of a college project so I'm more motivated to finish it
Posted by Beau 28th March, 2007

I'll just go with the game I am making response. It seems to be popular. But to answer the actual question, probably Siege, or Tango Strike if it didn't crash (stupid MMF)
Posted by Peblo 28th March, 2007

Eo Neo Fire: Ocean Fox
Posted by Radix 29th March, 2007

I don't know. A couple are replayable, and I do go back and have some fun with them occasionally, so I guess those (which I'm not going to list because replay value is subjective).
I'm not going to say whatever I'm working on, because whatever I'm working on usually gets abandoned.
Posted by Yai7 29th March, 2007

I luved, and have so much sexy time doing the bubble girl series... It was sweet!!!
Posted by axel 29th March, 2007

Bubblegirl is hawt <3
Posted by Steve Harris 29th March, 2007

My fav was Blue Dragon as it made it's way on to couple of magazine covers and stuff.

I'm working on the follow up now with Hayo
Posted by Jake G 29th March, 2007

Jamie's Revenge, it uses my first ever custom platform movement taht supports running up walls and it has better graphics than Jatzey.
Posted by Introversity 29th March, 2007

Uh, I've made too many and finished too few. D:

Probably one of the RPGs I made, or that 2d space shooter game thing where you had a trail of debris following your ship that you had to make enemies crash into, Snake style.
Posted by Del Duio 29th March, 2007

Most definately the one I'm working on now, well, the one that will be out FIRST (Hasslevania). After that maybe Captain of the Guard although I'd pick Necropolis Rising if it had a save / continue feature lol...

I like a lot of my VB games more than those, but the topic IS click games, after all
Posted by The Chris Street 29th March, 2007

I personally would go with the original Zone Runner.
Posted by Chrisbo 29th March, 2007

super gravity balls for me. was my best work for the time, and it ended up on lots of foreign magazines, so that was kind of exciting
Posted by Johnny Look 29th March, 2007

My game skud got in 2 magazines, although I must admit, it was really cheesy.
Posted by Rogue 30th March, 2007

My favorite is Diablo RPG, the first game i made and the one with the most positives comments between my games.
Posted by DaVince 30th March, 2007

Oh yeah, that one rocked. I still have it.
Posted by Deathbringer 30th March, 2007

Jambuster! ( its got loads of wierd-looking collision bugs, but it's a "smash everything" driving game, like the Runabout series but greatly simplified. A sequel is slowly in the works, i want to make various top-down driving games and am working on cars right now, Jambuster 2 will be the first, and ought to have way better graphics, different cars you can drive (though they will all be the same, just look different), lots of different cars to smash, better collision detection using multiple movements, and bonuses for "combo" pileups
Posted by Jakob37 30th March, 2007

Astro Limit, the only big game I have made


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