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Daily Click turns 6 years!
News posted 31st March, 2007 by Rikus  
Every year i keep letting this date slip by but on March 16th, the Daily Click Turned "6" years old! 6 years is pretty darn good for a website to be up and running, and we had some great changes like the new skins recently. The picture in this newspost is the old games download page from the dc1.

Things have been a bit slow recently as we prepare to move to our new host, if the site goes down in the next couple of days then this is just the move to the new server. Yep clubsoft found a good one and a test database id already running without any problems. We also got several donations in from the following folks: Hayo, JE, Nicholas Allen, Clickteam LL and Vortex2 where all kind of enough to help us out, please give them a great round of applause. Thanks guys! So here is to another great year lets make it a good one.

Click here for a bigger picture from the dc 1 games download page.

Posted by Assault Andy 31st March, 2007

Happy Birthday DC!
Posted by Aptennap 31st March, 2007

Posted by Radix 31st March, 2007

Reptile Omnivora is such a cool name.
Posted by Hempuli 31st March, 2007

<Enter here 'big applause'> Congrats! woot, when I found TDC in year 2002, i thought this was already about 4 years old But that was the age I didn't know anything about klik.
Posted by Raymond Emonnot 31st March, 2007

Posted by Plooscva 31st March, 2007

5 years is pretty damn good. Happy Birthday DC!

PS. Where is my blue skin by tim?
Posted by Tim 31st March, 2007

Posted by Johnny Look 31st March, 2007

where's the cake ?
Posted by Willy C 31st March, 2007

Posted by Superfunk 31st March, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

The daily click must have changed a lot when it first started.
Posted by ClownLove 31st March, 2007

wow, only 5 years? Does anyone know how long Cafe Lite was around? (if thats even the right name)
Posted by Zethell 31st March, 2007

lol, only 5 ?
Posted by ClownLove 31st March, 2007

Perhaps for our more slow-witted friends I should of typed "It seems longer than 5 years."
Posted by DaVince 3rd April, 2007

Niiice, 5 years!
ClownLove, do you mean Click Cafe?

Hey, I actually like that old downloads page more than the current. It shows more info.
Posted by Hempuli 13th April, 2007

"It seems longer than 5 years."


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