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GOTW #227: Tetrys
News posted 31st March, 2007 by Flava  
Sorry for not being able to update the GOTW and weekly click last week - I have been having a few issues at home lately which have taken a higher priority. So here I am now updating the GOTW, and you can expect the weekly click to return tommorrow! Now then, this week's winner of the GOTW is Tetrys created by Projekt Siedem. Congratulations!

Click here to download Tetrys.

Now then, there haven't been many downloads this week - but I have managed to get a decent poll up and running. I have included engines in this week's GOTW - they've been included in the past, but sometimes they are not included. I have included them because of the lack of games submitted (get submitting!!). Here are the games you can vote for this week!

The Skid Fast Movement engine
Cust. Platf. Movement Albert v1.3
Easy Timer
Virtual Ambience

Posted by Rikus 31st March, 2007

Dont worry about it flava home always needs to take up #1, hope everything is getting better there for ya at home.
Posted by BROO 31st March, 2007

Posted by Plooscva 31st March, 2007

Congratulations BROO! Now give me the cookie you got in your avatar!
Posted by Tim 31st March, 2007

BROO[P7] count: 0

Welcome back Flava! Yeah, more of an AoTW this week. Application.
Posted by zetcom 31st March, 2007

Congratulations for you BROO. This very good tetris clone engine was appreciated. Good luck for the next projects.
Posted by Fadex 2nd April, 2007

Nice one BROO


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