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New Game: Binary Land
News posted 3rd April, 2007 by The Chris Street  
OMGZ it's a new game, like! Very rare indeed. But Contra has very kindly submitted a nice little game, based on a remake of a NES game, called Binary Land.

Comments from the Author:The goal of the game is to guide 2 penguins to opposite side of an heartcage. The trick is that the you control both penguins at once and one of the penguins movements are mirrored

Click here to download this game and read its reviews.

Posted by Ski 3rd April, 2007

Posted by Tim 3rd April, 2007

Thanks Circ-I mean, Corruptus Adminius?!

Lol, ok fair enough.
Posted by Dr. James MD 3rd April, 2007

Posted by Ski 3rd April, 2007

Posted by Tim 4th April, 2007

LOL, "it's funny because it's true"


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