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News posted 4th April, 2007 by The Chris Street  
What is your favourite moment in Klik history?

This is the discussion for this weeks Talking Topic!

Maybe it was when MMF2 came out, or when you first discovered a klik product. Could it have been when you finally beat that blasted Hume boss in Eternal Daughter? Maybe you were selected to become an editor for a klik site, or perhaps it was when you made your first finished game? You might have found the klik community for the first time and finally realised that you could share your talents with the world? Could your game have appeared on TV, or in a magazine? What is YOUR favourite moment?

Please submit your opinions in the comments thread. Remember to keep things clean, and please respect the opinions of other individuals. And, if you have any ideas for the Talking Topic, feel free to mail them to me! Happy debating!

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Posted by BROO 4th April, 2007

First game published on a klik site.
Posted by ben mercer 4th April, 2007

My favourite moment has to be the release of MMF2. It did have some shortcomings (lack of exts) but it was really great when it finally came out after all that time!

I must have spent hours experimenting with the new features before I even thought about making a game.
Posted by Ski 4th April, 2007

When I hated MMF2 then I discovered layers and I love it now
Posted by Tim 4th April, 2007


Hmm, my favourite moment is finding the klik community really. That's the best thing I can think of
Posted by Joshtek 4th April, 2007

My favourite moment was when I was offered the position of moderator on the Clickteam forum. My second favourite was when I saw my name on the MMF2 manual in the "Special thanks to:" section. My third favourite was when I taught MMF2 to a class of 20 as part of my HND Computing course.
Posted by Duncan 4th April, 2007

For a couple of days, Eternal Daughter brought k&p together.
Posted by Matt Boothman 4th April, 2007

When the 26 Minutes Compo won GOTW.
Posted by Hayo 4th April, 2007

When I became a mod on and released Fishhead 2. People WORSHIPPED me, all 7 of them.
Posted by Del Duio 4th April, 2007

Probably when people commented on my first game here, The Great Piggy Escape. I was stoked that people downloaded it at all. Either that or seeing it on the front page, awesome awesome.
Posted by axel 4th April, 2007

Probably my first front-page mention, because I'm a shitty narcissist.
Posted by Reno 4th April, 2007

When I met Phizzy

no probably when the site all of the sudden got much better with much more activity
Posted by axel 4th April, 2007

And I thought the community was "SLOWLY ROTTING"?
Posted by Hayo 4th April, 2007

"no probably when the site all of the sudden got much better with much more activity"

When the heck did THAT happen??
Posted by Lukas Hägg 4th April, 2007

1. When I made my first CPM

2. When my copy of MMF2 arrived.
Posted by s-m-r 4th April, 2007

Sure, the day I acquired MMF2 was a notable one, but I'd say my favourite day in Klik history is when I posted my first-ever game here. I'm quite an outsider in the community, and I'd been lurking literally for years, but at that moment I realized I could start contributing to the community in a personal, positive way.

I may never win GOTW again, I may never release another super-fun and/or addictive game, but it's been a superb, never-ending learning experience since that day.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 4th April, 2007

I would say 'discovering the community', but that's not really a moment in Klik history itself so much as finally discovering that there were other people that used it.

I would say the release of MMF2, as it's the first time that a major release has happened when we have the community at the size (and closeness to Clickteam itself) that we have now.
Posted by DaVince 4th April, 2007

When MMF2 came out, when the TDC 26 minutes competition won GOTW, when my shitty remake of another game won GOTW. Those are my favourite moments.
Posted by Silveraura 4th April, 2007

When Diamond: Revolution 2 won GOTW. (first game of mine to win)
Posted by JFrudy 4th April, 2007

when I'm OK came out. that game whooped ass.
Posted by Phredreeke 4th April, 2007

Pretty much any ARGHT!!! post. They were hilarious.
Posted by BeamSplashX 4th April, 2007

The completely random release of Streambolt. That and finding the demo of Mr. Malibus 2 before anyone else posted news about it. DAMN YOU ZELLIX!
Posted by Chrisbo 4th April, 2007

When I first got the internet in 1994/1995 and found Silky's.
Posted by vrba79 4th April, 2007

When I played with the Klik and Play demo for the first time!
Posted by Muz 4th April, 2007

When my KNP FAQ got top 5 downloads on Click Cafe for three weeks straight. Heck, it's probably one of the few things that's been top for 3 weeks straight, since there was a bug that didn't reset the downloads per week for those 3 weeks

Inspired me to make the Click FAQ a few years later, which nobody really cares about anymore. But was nice to see some of the positive comments on the Click FAQ as well as getting some space on KA for it.
Posted by LIJI 5th April, 2007

The day MMF2 was released, before the release.
We had a party at the Clickteam forums, everyone including admins were having fun (which include a little spamminess from both users and admins ) in some topic.
Posted by DaVince 5th April, 2007

"When I first got the internet in 1994/1995 and found Silky's. "

That's a Click moment?
Posted by Hayo 5th April, 2007

yes it is. Look at the click timeline
Posted by DaVince 5th April, 2007

I meant the fact that he got an internet connection.
Posted by Hayo 5th April, 2007

Hmm, for me getting an internet connection was a klik moment because then I realised I was crap at making games.
Posted by LaraSoft Software 5th April, 2007

Getting MMF2 Developer was a good highlight for me, but I think the best moment for any developer must be to experience the joy of releasing their first game or application and if possible, getting coverage on websites
Posted by Hempuli 5th April, 2007

When I found da community, or when JonnyRPG got released.
Posted by Hayo 5th April, 2007

the day the peasants released bernard & hank 2.
Posted by MJK 5th April, 2007

In 1996 when a whole classroom was playing (with ancient 486s) my ~first game made with KnP.

Ever since from there it has been a downhill.
Posted by Fadex 5th April, 2007

When JonnyRPG got released, best game ever
Posted by Chrisbo 5th April, 2007

When I got an internet connection, Klik and Play was the first thing I searched for, so yeah I guess it went hand in hand
Posted by falkon 5th April, 2007

definately when mmf2 was released. As said before there was a freakin party going on in the forums. There was probably a another post every 2 seconds.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 6th April, 2007

for me, that moment is still to come...

BUT I really loved the feelign of getting MMF1.5 and finally realizing I would be able to make games with it!

Posted by Kjetil Nossum 8th April, 2007

1: When my game No IQ got a 9/10 rank at the Ap-Zone

2: When this game passed 100.000 thousands downloads at cnet.

3: When the same game appeared in magazines

4: When I was asked by Clickteam to create tutorials

5: When I became moderator at the old Code-it forum ages ago
Posted by Steven Mayhew 10th April, 2007

When the original V-Cade opened, and myself and Giles3 "hacked" it and gave ourselves highscores on every game.
Posted by Joshtek 10th April, 2007

Kjetil Nossum: I remember when you were a moderator on Code-It's Announcements and Tips & Tutorials forums while I was a mod on the Role Playing forum.


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