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GOTW #228: Virtual Ambience
News posted 7th April, 2007 by Flava  
Well this week's game of the week isn't actually a game - but it is still a worthy winner in my opinion. Virtual Ambience, created by Toasty, which is something that creates sounds as if you're in an natural environment. Brilliant idea, and so congratulations to Toasty!

Click here to download Virtual Ambience.

There have been a few more downloads this week, so we actually have a few more games for you to vote for (and still some applications and things). I've somewhat messed up in the last few weeks by including demos and shareware - according to the ancient rules, they are not allowed. I've tried my best to follow that rule this week! Here are the options for this week:

Neatwares Ext Installer v1.2
Binary Land
Video Poker
Banana Job
Bernard & Hank : Springtime Again

Posted by The Chris Street 7th April, 2007


Atrigan Tank Wars is a demo
Posted by Joe.H 7th April, 2007

i dont think it really matters this week, seeing as everybody knows who's going to win anyway.
Posted by Ski 7th April, 2007

Banana Job ftw
Posted by Tim 7th April, 2007

You know it Adam


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