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News posted 11th April, 2007 by The Chris Street  
What do you think will happen within the klik community in the next few years?

This is the discussion for this weeks Talking Topic!

What would have happened? In five years time, do you believe, for instance, that MMF3D would have been released - or even MMF3? Eternal Daughter 2? A resurrection of Mina Of The Pirates? Another child for Rikus? Maybe the community will die away? Try and be as realistic as possible with your answers ;)

Please submit your opinions in the comments thread. Remember to keep things clean, and please respect the opinions of other individuals. And, if you have any ideas for the Talking Topic, feel free to mail them to me! Happy debating!

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Posted by MJK 11th April, 2007

Personally I would like to believe MMF2 will get a proper distribution deal which, in the long run, would mean remarkable increase also on the user base of the community during 2008-2009.

Then, I'm sure we will see the next generation Click tools available somewhere in the beginning of the next decade. In the mean while, MMF2 expands, and as said, hopefully gains lot more visibility and recognition than what is currently the situation.
Posted by Ski 11th April, 2007

MSD2 will still be in production
Posted by Hayo 11th April, 2007

I am gonna leave the community somewhere in the years to come as I am slowly moving from freeware games to commercial educative games for schools. So then I don't really care much about what will happen to the community.
Posted by Koth 11th April, 2007

for expansion of any MMF2(3, whatever) I think a better hardware acceleration for that will be NECESSARY
Posted by DaVince 11th April, 2007

Some big games are going to be released, people will find the limits of MMF2, some communities will appear and some will die, Clickteam will bring out new stuff for the masses. The usual.
Posted by DaVince 11th April, 2007

@Chester: that's not what you think will happen to the community, that's what you hope will happen to Click products.
Posted by 11th April, 2007

Being able to run MMF games in OSX.
In 2010-2012 MMF is going to be probably very customized, and I hope that by then I will already have released a game.
Posted by axel 11th April, 2007

I'm going to release a game, hopefully before 2012
Posted by Peblo 11th April, 2007

I promised myself to stop making games once I got into college this summer so I plan (hope) to release one or two games that'll stand out in the community, probably even open sourced. I believe many experienced users to the click range of products will fade away from the community in the next years, and an influx of newbish games will be submitted due to the many new members that'll join TDC.
Posted by Zethell 11th April, 2007

Within a few years i hope to get alteast 1 online game finished soo you can all taste it and say, wow you suck man!

Like you always do.

But yea, it would be very amusing if rikus had another child, if hes a man i supposedly missed out on a miracle last time.
Posted by Matt Boothman 11th April, 2007

Posted by Tim 11th April, 2007

Some cool games will be out, such as mine lol! .. No really >:|

And TDC will probably die, then a couple people will be like wtf and bring it back or something.
Posted by Tim 11th April, 2007

Some cool games will be out, such as mine lol! .. No really >:|

And TDC will probably die, then a couple people will be like wtf and bring it back or something.
Posted by Joe.H 11th April, 2007

I will release a game and all clicking will cease to exist.
Posted by Peblo 11th April, 2007

Direct cause and effect eh?
Posted by Paul_James 11th April, 2007

in ten years

where u can make ur own virtual reality games

in the next few years
not much
Posted by Zimtower 11th April, 2007

MMF3D with a VR extension, that sounds more realistic
Posted by DaVince 11th April, 2007


I wanted to say that at first, until I realized stuff WILL happen.
Posted by LIJI 11th April, 2007

MMF3D, it IS actually planned.
MMF2.5 will come out in a a year or two with all stuff people wanted in MMF2 and weren't implemented.
Posted by Del Duio 11th April, 2007

Maybe the community will die away?

I don't think this'll happen. I think what we have here now are a bunch of "lifers", more or less.
Posted by BROO 11th April, 2007

Nothing special would happen in the next 3 years - for sure.
Posted by Johnny Look 11th April, 2007

I really hope some sorta MMF3D is released soon, otherwise people will get tired of making shitty platformers and such, and will switch to DB and Blitz.
I'm one of those.

Also, it would be really nice to allow porting our windows games to others OSes, linux, mac etc...
Posted by axel 11th April, 2007

I don't really care for MMF3D, because if I know Clickteam right, it's gonna be buggy and limited anyway. If I ever decide to "move on" to 3D, then I'll learn something like OpenGL or Irrlicht instead.
Posted by Phredreeke 11th April, 2007

Didn't they make a 3d product before? It was called Jamagic and it flopped, because it was too complex.

People who want to play around in 3d, try this program, it's free:
Posted by AndyUK 11th April, 2007

i'll probably stil be here, so i'll just wait and see.
Posted by Bibin 11th April, 2007

MMF2.5 will come out in a a year or two with all stuff people wanted in MMF2 and weren't implemented.

Uh? Will it be free to those who bought MMF2, or will they be ripped off?
Posted by Silveraura 11th April, 2007

Was MMF1.5 free to MMF1.0 users?
Posted by Peblo 11th April, 2007

1.5 was free to 1.2 users who just bought mmf1.2 within like 6 weeks of the release of 1.5.
Posted by alastair john jack 12th April, 2007

hopefully in the next ten years someone will make a good click roguelike game.
Posted by Tim 12th April, 2007

and it wont be Radix
Posted by Hempuli 12th April, 2007

Hopefully someone will create as good platformer adventure as ED.
Posted by axel 12th April, 2007

Bah, ED is rubbish.
Posted by MasterM 12th April, 2007

it will die
Posted by Ski 12th April, 2007

The ED talking animations sucked.
Posted by Tim 12th April, 2007

Eternal Daughter was good, obviously. But there's areas of which could've been better. So I'm thinking within the next couple years or whatever some unknown guy will come up with some amazing game showing ED up. And if they haven't started yet and are reading this, dont read on and open up MMF.

I said...!
Posted by Del Duio 12th April, 2007

Bah, ED is rubbish.

Overrated? Probably.
Too Hard? Definately.
Rubbish? Not in my opinion.

Sure, I wish that you could make a non-buggy platformer out of the box too in some future version of MMF. Since so many MMF projects ARE platformers, it's too bad they didn't really concentrate on that part of it. That'd be great!
Posted by Johnny Look 12th April, 2007

by the way ED's creator just won the seumas mcnally award with Aquaria.
Posted by Reno 12th April, 2007

"What do you think will happen within the klik community in the next few years?"

TDC will never die. I see my kids clicking when they are my age
Posted by axel 12th April, 2007

"by the way ED's creator just won the seumas mcnally award with Aquaria."

That's just soooo last month.
Posted by Joe.H 12th April, 2007

3 articles will be written at TDC and not get deleted
Posted by Silveraura 12th April, 2007

It's good to dream Joe.
Posted by Ricky 12th April, 2007

Click's Time Line (The Pessamistic Version)

2008- bugs regarding Vista grow

2009-Vitalize 4 is cancled

2010-Yves finally fixes the Vsync choppy top screen glitch, only to have his Monitor Explode, Blinding him for life and ending his time at Click

2011-Many Staff Members Leave Click

2012- MMF3 comes out and it has Action Script, Vector Based Graphics, Hardware Acelleration, But it is very glitchy.

2013- Adobe sues Click for stealing their graphic engine in 2012

2014- click dies

2015- nothing

2016- nothing

2017- TDC and all click games fade away as microsoft releases another version of windows

Balance The Top With The Bottem, and some where in the middle, that is what will really happen

Click's Time Line (The Optomistic Version)

2008- The Vsyc glitch is fixed no problem, Graphic Hardware Aceeleration is fully suported, and click games run faster than ever.

2009-Many Very Stunning Click Games Come Out, and the people who use flash argue that we are not really making these games because we are only doing what the GUI allows us to do.

2010-Debate from the FLASH PEOPLE increases, and along with it, the amount of people who know click exists increases. Are Games w in the debates for us every time.

2011- MMF2 "Special edition" Is realeased and is sold all over the place IN RETAIL STORES (not online). By now, everyone who has owned a computer knows what click is. The key selling point of "Special Edition" is that it works on the PS4, PC, XBOX 720, and Wii (Nintendo decided that this cosoul is good enough forever, so they never made a next gen after it).
Posted by AndyUK 12th April, 2007

2012 Microsoft 'aquire' clickteam and MMF2 comes free with Windows alongside minesweeper and solitaire.
Posted by Phredreeke 13th April, 2007

What's the Vsync glitch?
Posted by DaVince 13th April, 2007

There is no Vsync glitch, it only makes games slower I think.
Posted by Ricky 13th April, 2007

Its in the Click Forums. It doesn't make games slower, what happens in full screen games at resolutions such as 640x480, when vsync is on, the top quater section section of the screen updates at a different rate than the rest of the screen. This makes the upper part of the screen choppy (no matter how good your machine is). I find it and write the link here.

Posted by Ricky 13th April, 2007

"This is a known issue at the moment, Yves said he would try to improve it at some point."

Posted by ben mercer 13th April, 2007

Well, I think the click community will grow with the click products. When MMF2 gains hardware accelerated graphics capabilities (apparently next on the agenda right after Vitalize 4) it will become a much more useful tool for creating more flashy and more complex games (more CPU available for processing AI, physics etc).

So when MMF2 gains this capability I think the community will expand quite a bit. If MMF ever gains 3d capabilities lord knows click would take over the world.
Posted by AndyUK 13th April, 2007

"Go, do stuff! DOO IT NOW!!! "

Only if you finish mind menace.
Posted by X_Sheep 14th April, 2007

Gamemaker has 3D too, and I don't see them taking over the world either. Even though their community thinks the same way about Click products as we do about Gamemaker.
Posted by ben mercer 14th April, 2007

Thats because gamemaker 3D is approximately equivillant to prehistoric DOOM technology.

If click were to implement 3D into MMF granted it wouldn't be state of the art but it would be better than jamagic and far easier to use.
Posted by ncsoftware 14th April, 2007

What will happen the next few years?

Nothing..... MMF2 has taken more then 5 years to be released, so I expect nothing serious to happen within the next few years.
Posted by Muz 14th April, 2007

I really have no idea. Personally, I just hope that someone in the community will look on releasing a FUN game, not some technically complex game (e.g. ED) that would gain a mass of respect from klikers, but be overlooked by those outside the community.

MMF2 is the equivalent of gunpowder (well, at least the ancient black powder variant). Eventually, some genius will realize something good we all missed. And when that happens, expect the community to mushroom, like back in the old days when TGF just started.
Posted by Ricky 15th April, 2007

Getting so buisy making the sprites, engine, A.I. etc... often makes me forget to make sure the game is actually fun
Posted by ben mercer 15th April, 2007

Mmm know what you mean. And once you've made it fun, you've gotta make it the right difficulty for all the other people as well.
Posted by Muz 15th April, 2007

I wrote half an article on some methods to get the difficulty right. Decided not to finish it, since it was too technical and 90% of those who read it wouldn't bother. 9% of those who'd do it would scrap the game. And the remaining 1% would release a game that I'd never hear of.
Posted by ben mercer 16th April, 2007

Shame you didn't release it before blackeye released ED... such a brutally hard game.


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