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New game: YUKD
News posted 17th April, 2007 by Rikus  
Phanoo has created a fun game action game here, with plenty of levels and it even features a level editor. Be sure to check this one out and let Phanoo know what you think.

Comments from the author: I present my new game: YUKD ! It's a sort of action/arcade game, you control the green arrow to go to the END of the level, avoiding enemies and various obstacles. At the beginning I thought this game would be rapidly finished, but some features I added took me a LOT of time.
Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

Posted by Tim 17th April, 2007

Broken image
Posted by Rikus 17th April, 2007

Posted by Ski 17th April, 2007

Still not working for me
Posted by 17th April, 2007

Spelling mistake =o
Posted by Rikus 18th April, 2007

fixed and fixed thanks guys
Posted by The Chris Street 18th April, 2007

Doh, I meant to add this to the front page... forgot.

Posted by Tim 18th April, 2007

Don't worry Chris, It's been fixed
Posted by Tim 19th April, 2007

OOOuh oh! Click island's hosting account has been discontinued :S
Posted by Rikus 19th April, 2007

damn it expired, lol had to pay a whopping 89 dollars to get it back for the year


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