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New Game: NovaWare: Clicked
News posted 21st April, 2007 by Flava  
NovaWare: Clicked SilverNova have just released their latest game, NovaWare: Clicked. Obviously, it is a similar game to WarioWare: Touched for the Nintendo DS - however this game requires you to use your mouse in order to complete a number of minigames. There are a pretty good number of minigames, and a lot of nice ideas thrown in there. I certainly had quite a bit of fun playing it - so try it out!

Comments from the author: This game is inspired by 'Wario-Ware Touched' for the Nintendo DS. The touching is replaced by the mouse, for the PC! The game can be played entirely with the mouse, except for entering your name in the online hi-score box. The concept is that you are given a brief instruction at the start of each mini-game, you must carry this out before the timer ends. You have 6 lives for if you lose, so there's a bit of breathing room. The games get harder as you progress, increasing in hardness or decreasing in time allowed. See how far you can get before losing all of your lives!

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Posted by Ski 21st April, 2007

Inspired? Its the same games Its cool tho, I love warioware games and very often try to make my own wario-ware type game.
Posted by Tim 21st April, 2007

It's NOT all the same games so don't generalise until you've played more than 5 of the mini games, Adam. > I saw your highscore, mister.

Anyway your game was funny - finish it
Posted by Ski 21st April, 2007

lol, I probably will one day X)
Posted by Tim 21st April, 2007

PRESS C! .. *ding* tee hee
Posted by alastair john jack 21st April, 2007

I love SilvaNova almost as much as Fendez.
Posted by viva/volt 27th April, 2007

, wait what does that say about how much you love fendez then!?


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