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The Weekly Click #13
News posted 22nd April, 2007 by Flava  
Well the site was having a few problems last night and this morning - I wasn't able to access it, and it looks as though nobody else could neither. Anyway, only a few hours late with this week's Weekly Click!

  • The Daily Click has some simply amazing news. The Christmas competition results are almost ready to be released - I don't have a specific date, but all they need is a few finishing touches and they should be ready. Obviously, we're really sorry that it has taken so long to get them released - and thanks to David N for actually deciding to put them together!

  • James continues to tease us all with more Tormishire information. He recently released a new trailer on his blog, and has just announced that he will pretty much be drawing all the graphics again from scratch. Can't wait to see the final results. Click here for more information.

  • Fishheads Hayo and Sander have joined the Crobasoft team. I have no idea whether this means the end of The Peasants, but it is certainly two good additions to the Crobasoft team. If anyone knows the future of The Peasants team, then please do post in the comments. Then again, maybe they're fine with being in two teams. Click here for more information.

  • SevenT2 of Starlord Interactive has posted some news about his upcoming Top Sword game. It has been in progress for a very long time, and I've only really seen engine tests so far. Although development is slow, it certainly looks to be coming together quite nicely. Click here for more information.

  • If you've been waiting for Klik Union V2, then you may know that the site is no longer working. I haven't really investigated to be honest - it's probably nothing. I just hope that they haven't decided to scrap the idea because I was quite looking forward to version two. It could just be that the site doesn't work for me though - anybody got any news? Click here to see the 'Page cannot be displayed' page. EDIT: It's okay, just seems that the domain has expired and Klikmaster is still working hard on the new KU!!

  • A new 'content studio' has appeared on the scene, which allows you to create content such as graphics and sounds for your klik games. It's called ImmunityCS and is proving to be quite popular on the Clickteam forums. Click here for more information.

  • Posted by Silveraura 22nd April, 2007

    Still hard to believe the Christmas competition results are still not in, I thought they came, I just missed them due to lack of interest.
    Posted by Tim 22nd April, 2007

    Nice choice of images there for WC#13 hehe
    Posted by Flava 22nd April, 2007

    Shab released those quick "dirty" results - we just didn't release the feedback and individual scores (for graphics, sound .etc). Luckily David managed to get them altogether
    Posted by Ski 22nd April, 2007

    "If you've been waiting for Klik Union V2, then you may know that the site is no longer working. I haven't really investigated to be honest - it's probably nothing. I just hope that they haven't decided to scrap the idea..."

    That's more like a forum topic, not news. OMG HEY EVERYONE KLIK-UNION ISNT WORKING._

    Posted by Flava 22nd April, 2007

    Wah wah wah!!
    Posted by Ski 22nd April, 2007

    LOL I smell disciple
    Posted by ~Matt Esch~ 22nd April, 2007

    The future of the peasants? That is a good question. As Hayo has now officially moved to Crobasoft, I think the main notion is that the majority of the click community believe Hayo IS The Peasants, so the team has disbanded. Don't take my word for it because we haven't really had any formal meetings about it; Hayo decided he was going to leave before we had time to talk about it as a team so the current situation is as undefined for us as it is for the rest of the community. In short, the true future of The Peasants is still yet to be decided, but for the anti-peasantists out there, I wouldn't count on not hearing another title from The Peasants
    Posted by Flava 22nd April, 2007

    Damn that's a really shame.. I really liked The Peasant's games (not a big fan of BnH, it was good but the rest were ace). I really do hope you or one of the other members decides to carry it on
    Posted by Klikmaster 22nd April, 2007

    Strange that KU is down. The hosting guarantees 100% uptime
    Posted by AndyUK 22nd April, 2007

    You can always join Ectoprods if you want Matt.
    Actually i asked Hayo to join at one time. I didn't realise The peasants were a team at the time. I thought you were a one off group to help Hayo make Bernard and hank.
    Posted by Dr. James MD 22nd April, 2007

    I feel left out now
    Posted by Johnny Look 22nd April, 2007

    omg a new tormishire trailer I must be dreamin let's watch
    Posted by Tim 22nd April, 2007

    JIMMI FTW!!!! Feel any better?
    Posted by Hayo 22nd April, 2007

    Well I left the Peasants because I got kind of tired of it, I will still be helping Steve, Matt and Johan with their projects tho.
    Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 22nd April, 2007

    I actually had them ready on Saturday, then came to the site to find that it didn't exist. Typical.
    Posted by Steve Harris 23rd April, 2007

    I'll be going solo whilst still working with Hayo and looking at any other interesting offers I get.
    Posted by Dustin Gunn 23rd April, 2007

    you kinda forgot the biggest news


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