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GOTW #231: Fairies v1.0
News posted 28th April, 2007 by Flava  
It was a competition between two games this week, and one of them managed to win by one vote, and that game was Fairies v1.0, created by Scallywags Studios. Tough luck to the other game, YUKD, who lost by only one vote - but congratulations to Scallywags Studios!

Click here to download Fairies v1.0.

If it wasn't for Ladders being submitted yesterday, we would have had to postpone this week's GOTW due to a lack of games. However, we do have two games for you to vote for, which are Novaware: Clicked and Ladders. So download the games below, and get voting:

NovaWare: Clicked

Posted by MJK 28th April, 2007

Is the download-counter for this game broken for some reason? It says just 3 downloads..?
Posted by Tim 28th April, 2007

Very strange :S
Posted by Reno 28th April, 2007

heh lost bye one vote that sucks.
Posted by Muz 30th April, 2007

Wow, I'm tempted to make a crappy game just for an easy GOTW, but I can't be bothered to do the graphics
Posted by Muz 30th April, 2007

Btw, that wasn't a jibe at the winning GOTW, it's one at the lack of games that qualify for GOTW


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