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New Game: Båtspelet
News posted 30th April, 2007 by Rikus  
Its time to play Mr SubMarine Guy in Batspelet created by: Carl B You know there should be more games involving boats or even speed-boats now that would make for a cool action game.

Comments from the author: This is a game I made as a project in school. It's a clone of an old game which I don't remeber the name of. Anyway, you play as the boat on the top of the screen and drop explosive barrels on the submarines.
Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

Ps. If no other game is submitted by the time gotw is up this game will moved over to next weeks gotw.

Posted by Phredreeke 1st May, 2007

Posted by Zethell 1st May, 2007

Jao, synd att svenskar snor andras idér med ^^
Posted by Ski 1st May, 2007

Jag har en hamster som heter PhreddySE
Posted by axel 1st May, 2007

Posted by Hempuli 1st May, 2007

no other games again?
Posted by Phredreeke 1st May, 2007

Adam luktar gammal ost
Posted by chrilley 1st May, 2007

Swedish Clickers Unite!

Vi kanske borde göra en svensk click-community nån gång.
Posted by Phredreeke 1st May, 2007

And thus "The Daily Click" henceforth will be called "Det dagliga klicket".
Posted by Nudlez 1st May, 2007

Överraskande många svenskar, jag trodde nästan att jag var ensam.
Posted by Johnny Look 1st May, 2007

omg this is starting to worry me, every new game submitted gets on the front page !
Posted by Tim 1st May, 2007

It would have got front page anyway this one - it looks pretty
Posted by Joe.H 1st May, 2007

"Adam luktar gammal ost"


if only he knew...
Posted by axel 3rd May, 2007



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