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GOTW #232: NovaWare: Clicked
News posted 5th May, 2007 by Flava  
Sorry about there being no Weekly Click last week - I've been really busy with coursework and I kind of forgot about TWC! Don't worry, there should still be one tommorrow! Anyway, there were two games last week - and you voted for NovaWare: Clicked by SilverNova. So congratulations to them!

Click here to download NovaWare: Clicked.

So, for the last two weeks we've only had two games in the game of the week. Well I have a surprise for you.. Yes, another GOTW with just two games. Well actually, it's a game and an application - so who will you vote for? You can choose between Båtspelet and DocuScope 2007. Oh, and get making some games so we can have more games next week!

DocuScope 2007

Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 5th May, 2007

hehe, T "W" C.
Posted by Ski 5th May, 2007

Congratulations Silvernova ppl ^^
Posted by Tim 5th May, 2007


hehe - but yeah, thankyouplease
Posted by Ski 5th May, 2007

I did actually vote for this you cockney newspaper seller -_-
Posted by Tim 5th May, 2007

Yeah don't worry, I just play off your lies now

Shine your shoes govna!?
Posted by viva/volt 5th May, 2007

Woo. That is all.
Posted by Ski 5th May, 2007

Posted by Tim 5th May, 2007

TWC stands for The Weekly Click item that Flava takes care of Phox, not a 'TDC' typo
Posted by Flava 5th May, 2007

Yeh I was too lazy to type it all out
Posted by alastair john jack 5th May, 2007

I love you Tim!
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 6th May, 2007

haha, how stupid of me... must have been the early ours of the morning ^^ sorry
Posted by Tim 6th May, 2007

lol 'spally


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