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The Weekly Click #14
News posted 6th May, 2007 by Flava  
Again, I'm extremely sorry about not putting this up last week. I had a lot of college work to do and so I was extremely busy. However, the weekly click is here now and there is quite a lot of stuff to read about.

  • SilverNova have released a new demo of their upcoming game, Jatzey RPG. It's received mixed opinions, but you should try it out first and then give some constructive criticism on how they can improve the game. Or something. Click here to download the demo.

  • Cocodrilo has released a new extension, which goes by the name of Seconds to HMS. It is quite a simple extension - it basically converts seconds to hours and/or minutes (or the other way around). I believe it was troubling some people on the Clickteam forums, so Cocodrilo kindly made this extension. Check it out. Click here for more information.

  • Danjo of acoders has finished up a remake of Donkey Kong - Game & Watch. I remember playing this as a kid, so it brought back a few memories. I'm not sure if was made with click software, but check it out anyway.. Click here for more information.

  • Circy has announced that it looks unlikely that Mr Stump's Dentures 2 will be finished in time for the convention. He says how he has been unhappy with a few levels and decided to start them again, which is good news in terms of perfecting the game. However it could mean we have to wait even longer to get our hands on the game. At least we can be sure that Chris will make sure the levels are fun to play though! Click here for more information.

  • Bernie has released a few more screenshots of his upcoming platformer - not sure what the name of this game is to be honest. I know these screenshots have been around for a while, but we didn't have a Weekly Click last week so here they are now! Click here for more information.

  • Posted by Tim 6th May, 2007


    "... Or something."
    Posted by Ski 6th May, 2007

    lol, how disappointing, I knew half of this news already
    Posted by axel 6th May, 2007

    yeh u suk flavaboy

    Jk, I love you <3
    Posted by DaVince 6th May, 2007

    I didn't.

    JRPG criticism.
    - Lots of super-Flashy stuff (like picking Hardcore mode). In fact, the whole game is a bit fast/flashy/ADHD.
    - The zooming out balloon effect just doesn't look good/appealing and takes up time. Make a different effect (fade out would work better!) and speed it up a bit.
    - Game resolution changes during the menus. Try going for something fullscreen!
    - The movement still isn't fixed (shocky when walking against walls). As well as the movement speed is variable and a bit too fast.
    - Bad non-relative resizes (like the battle buttons). Don't resize other than 0.5x, 2x, 3x or 4x.
    - Nothing indicating whose turn it is in battle, which is kinda unhandy.
    - Referencing to this being a game is not a very good idea. Sudden scene changes after some battles (like the turnip one).
    - Character switching in the same level could be a better idea, to keep the player from having to return to the same place all the time. In fact, why not just keep the whole party together (and switch at will)?
    - Experience is still shared but leveling up only happens to the person you're currently play with. Either seperate the experience system or make them all level up.

    The animation's nice. That looked good.
    Posted by Phredreeke 6th May, 2007

    So that's your homework, playing Jatzey RPG?
    Posted by DaVince 6th May, 2007

    That was my break.
    Posted by Tim 6th May, 2007

    Guess that Jake has a lot to work on to please you then eh Vince
    Posted by DaVince 6th May, 2007

    Posted by viva/volt 6th May, 2007

    How long are your breaks!?

    I told Jake what you said in an email, so... Yeah...
    Posted by Peblo 6th May, 2007

    I can't believe people had problems multiplying/dividing by 60 enough for someone to make an extension.
    Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 6th May, 2007

    Convenience methods - the same as you'd do for writing anything in C++ itself.
    Posted by Jake G 7th May, 2007

    I didn't expect Jatzey to get mentioned... I'm re-re-restarting it though, with custom movement, new sprites, switchable players and no more turn base battles. Basically how i had planned the sequel...
    Posted by Jake G 7th May, 2007

    Oh and the new sprites are the style of that which i posted in the sprite forum. And animation is better (ie they walk more realistically)
    Posted by DaVince 8th May, 2007

    But David Newton, we have the custom function object for things like these!

    Good idea Jake.
    Posted by Jake G 12th May, 2007

    :> I've started and so far so good... New talking sys, better battles and overall betterness...


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