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Click Convention 2007 Tickets Now Available!
News posted 7th May, 2007 by The Chris Street  
In somewhat mysterious circumstances, the official Click Convention website has been updated - supposedly back on April 14th, although I'm sure I visited it a few days ago and it remained un-updated...

Anyway, tickets for this years convention are now available. 12 for an adult, 15 for a child, accompanied by a parent or guardian. Once again, it's being held in Bourne End, near Hemel Hempstead (near London, UK). A draft schedule of talks has appeared too, but this is subject to change. The convention takes place on 1st September 2007.

Also, if you do decide to purchase a ticket, it is also rather mandatory that you buy me a pint.

Click here for information on CC2007 and to purchase tickets!

Posted by Ski 7th May, 2007

Lol, "pint" AKA alchopop.
Posted by Klikmaster 7th May, 2007

If I could fly and be invisible (travel and to get in for free) then I would go.
Posted by Matt Boothman 7th May, 2007

Hemel Hempstead again?

Posted by Hempuli 7th May, 2007

I can't come (Parents don't let me)
Maybe next year ;(
Posted by axel 7th May, 2007

My sister's in England all the time, since her bf lives there and stuff, so maybe I could come with her then. But my parents probably won't sponsor that trip anyway, so I dunno.

Hey, with all these Scandinavian/Finnish klikkers on this site, we could arrange a Northern-European click convention or something.
Posted by Tim 7th May, 2007

WOOOOOOOO I never knew it is in England

I'm only about 45 mins away... Not sure if I'll go though, and seeing as I'm 17 _ argh..
Posted by DaVince 7th May, 2007

Sigh. I'll probably be stuck reading Circy's transcription again.

At least that's something... You are going to transcribe everything again, right Circy?
Posted by ben mercer 7th May, 2007

Surely you mean 15 for an adult and 12 for a child, not vice versa?
Posted by ben mercer 7th May, 2007

Oh dw ignore me
Posted by machrider 7th May, 2007

judging from pictures from past conventions, I can tell that this will be a total sausage fest. also, it's still in london which is too far away.

what they need to do is make a US convention and make it like E3 and have booth babes then I would most definitely attend ASAP
Posted by Tim 7th May, 2007

Lol or invite some babes from MAX POWER along for the hell of it

Yeah, I may go to the next CC... providing its local.
Posted by The Chris Street 7th May, 2007

I'm sure I'll probably end up doing the report... again.
Posted by Dr. James MD 7th May, 2007

September 07, would be nice if they could get it a month earlier. What since school/college/university kicks back up then. I'd go with Caroline but since she'll be starting her 3rd year at uni it'll probably be a no go.
Posted by Ski 7th May, 2007

Ben Mercer you sausage, surely 15 is for a child and adult? Being accompanied and all? Im not sure now.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 7th May, 2007

I am certainly going!

(in my dreams...that's for sure.)

I could try to convince my parents, but then again...they are not very easy to convince. Next year?
Posted by Tim 7th May, 2007

It's no use asking any one here, you'll have to negotiate anything with clickteam. The chances of them changing dates etc. are incredibly slim.
Posted by The Chris Street 7th May, 2007

They won't change the date. Not now that it's already booked, they'll have to pay money to cancel the booking.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 7th May, 2007

I think machrider has somewhat missed the point of the Click convention.
Posted by Jimbob 7th May, 2007

I might appear, if only to challenge Circy to a drinking contest. I'm sure you'd be up for that wouldn't you Circy? Or at least an arm wrestle? Tiddlywinks?

Either way, it'd be interesting to see some of you people, especially if some of the ACoders go (like Simon last time). Maybe I'll ask them...
Posted by Simon Colmer 7th May, 2007

ah thats good news! Hey circy, i think i can come now! We should share lifts of something! lol
Posted by Broomie 7th May, 2007

Share lifts with Circy? Do you not know he is the magnet of mayhem?
Posted by Radix 7th May, 2007

circy if you wear a pink tank top and get photos i will mail you a pint
Posted by Reno 8th May, 2007

I so wish to go to the convention
I'm a shy person anyways so I wouldn't talk much anyways probably :\
Posted by Joe.H 8th May, 2007

hemel hempstead again?
Posted by The Chris Street 8th May, 2007

Magnet of MISERY. C'mon man, get it right, lol
Posted by Matt Boothman 8th May, 2007

They do seem rather attached to that same hotel. Do they not realise that fresh locations mean fresh blood? I would go if I had money and travel - if only to join in on aforementioned drinking contest.

Do you know "the Grand Old Duke of York"? "Yeehah"? "Dan, Dan, the Peanut Man"? Ooh, must get peanuts.
Posted by Phredreeke 8th May, 2007

Posted by Chrisbo 8th May, 2007

US convention sometime?
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 8th May, 2007

We should organize one ourselves. I've got quite a big flat.
Posted by Chrisbo 8th May, 2007

I have a feeling we'd introduce ourselves, spend about 5 minutes talking click stuff, and then get crazy drunk.
Posted by Peblo 9th May, 2007

Yeah, I'd go to a US convention.
Posted by Tim 9th May, 2007

Even if it were the furthest possible location from you in the US?
Posted by DaVince 9th May, 2007

Phredreeke, what the lol?
Posted by axel 10th May, 2007

"Even if it were the furthest possible location from you in the US?"

US Clik Convention 2007... In Alaska!
Posted by Peblo 11th May, 2007

Probably not.


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