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GOTW #233: Båtspelet
News posted 12th May, 2007 by Flava  
Well for the last few weeks, we've had only two games eligible for the game of the week. This week was the turn of DocuScope and Båtspelet - and it was quite tight. The winner was Båtspelet, who managed to win with 17 votes, while DocuScope managed 13 votes. Congratulations to Carl B!

Click here to download Båtspelet.

Yay! We have actually got a LOT of games this week (as well as a screensaver!). I've added all the games eligible for this week's game of the week, and there are eight games for you to vote for! Here they are..
Use your vote wisely!

Scurvey Sanchez Racing
Green Ball Gambling
The White House
Baxe the Warrior

Posted by Phredreeke 12th May, 2007

I voted before you made the newspost

The fact that Baxe the Warrior made the poll tells how few games we had recently
Posted by Phredreeke 12th May, 2007

Posted by Flava 12th May, 2007

I try put all of the games in the GOTW, whether I think they are good or not. Hence why Baxe the Warrior is in the poll I think if I only chose the games I like, it would defy the whole point of the poll
Posted by Silveraura 12th May, 2007

Have a poll for the games that should be eligible for GOTW.
Posted by BROO 12th May, 2007

Congratulations Sweden.
Posted by Phredreeke 13th May, 2007

What person in their right mind would vote for BAXE???
Posted by Peblo 13th May, 2007

There. Just voted for BAXE.
Posted by BROO 13th May, 2007

Baxe is (slowly) heading for GOTW. ;---)
Posted by Peblo 14th May, 2007

Yep, even top of the downloads list.


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