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General Poll #1
News posted 22nd May, 2007 by Flava  
As you probably noticed, the general poll was recently added to the site, and it seems a lot of you answered it too. I wasn't going to bother posting news posts whenever the poll changed, however I have decided to do so, just to see how things go. I plan to create a page which shows previous polls and the results for those polls, but I'm fairly busy with exams at the moment.

A total of 122 people voted within this poll, which is a lot more than I expected. So thanks to everybody for voting! Anyway, this week's poll asked you..

Should shareware games be allowed in the GOTW?
Yes - 69
No - 53

The majority of you obviously felt that shareware games should be allowed to enter the GOTW - we'll see whether that happens any time soon (the admins are still discussing it). And now, for this week's poll (suggested by Tim!)..

What skin are you currently using on The Daily Click?

Posted by Tim 22nd May, 2007

hm centered text
Posted by MJK 22nd May, 2007

I think the poll result is exactly what it should be. IMHO, there are no reasons to control vote results (by excluding sw-games) from outside: let the voters to do this. If they don't like sw-games, their limited features or whatsoever, the gotw-poll will show this and fw-games will win sw-games. This is democracy and free market - not centrally planned version of it.
Posted by Dr. James MD 22nd May, 2007

Heh. I was gonna post a thread asking what your fave skin is.
I switched from Orange back to the standard skin today. so default for me.
Posted by Phredreeke 22nd May, 2007

The majority of you obviously felt that shareware games should be allowed to enter the GOTW

Or maybe someone registered a lot of accounts just to bump up the number of yes-votes
Posted by Ski 22nd May, 2007

YEAH the skin I made isnt down there because Tim "forgot" about it.
Posted by Hernan 22nd May, 2007

lol, the default skin is gonna own all other skins
Posted by Hayo 22nd May, 2007

I use the orange skin because I'm an old fart.
Posted by ben mercer 22nd May, 2007

I voted yes to shareware games in GOTW. Like MJK said, if people despised shareware games then they wouldn't vote for them to be GOTW anyway, so there doesn't seem to be a lot of point excluding them.
Posted by DaVince 22nd May, 2007

The poll said "test dfd" for me. When I voted it went to the current poll.
Posted by DaVince 22nd May, 2007

I'm using Slate btw.
Posted by Flava 22nd May, 2007

Polls page is up now - you can get to it on the menu bar and view all previous and current polls and results.
Posted by Broomie 22nd May, 2007

I'm using my own skin. I don't really think it's necessary to peel off one's skin just to change it to another colour upon viewing TDC. Now that's just plain silly.

Flava is awesome. btw
Posted by nim 22nd May, 2007

Couldn't someone (Clubsoft) just pull out a database query and tell us how many people use each skin? If people are actually interested, I'm sure that "Current skin used" could be displayed on member profile pages.
Posted by Reno 22nd May, 2007

I dont think so because not everyone can participate in judging. there should be a free version that wouldn technicly be being the one judged.
Posted by Quadralien 22nd May, 2007

Of course we should include shareware games in the GOTW - we need all of the games we can get, we've only had one GOTW recently with more than 2 applicable games in it.
Posted by MasterM 23rd May, 2007

I voted NO
Posted by axel 23rd May, 2007

What skins people use, eh? You could probably find that out with some well-placed SQL query, but whatever. I'm using the Maybe skin, by NastyMan
Posted by Zethell 23rd May, 2007

the default skin is the only skin that fits this site, of all the skins that were there.
Posted by Koth 23rd May, 2007

ah, where I can vote YES? (about shareware GOTY)
Posted by DaVince 23rd May, 2007

"Couldn't someone (Clubsoft) just pull out a database query and tell us how many people use each skin?"

No. It's not in the database, but set with a cookie.
Posted by Phredreeke 23rd May, 2007

COOKIE COOKIE! *eats your cookies*
Posted by Tim 23rd May, 2007

HEY! Phreddyyyy I needed that! Now I don't know which posts I've read either
Posted by Eight Bit Battle Cat 23rd May, 2007

so basically if i tell the site to use a certain skin, then go to another computer i would have to set it again? that's what you get for being to lazy to store the info in the database i guess
Posted by axel 23rd May, 2007

Is it stored in a cookie? Are you sure? Because I visited TDC from a school computer, and it changed my skin automatically, even though I hadn't been to TDC on that computer before.

Posted by Reno 23rd May, 2007

I think we should store it in the database along with the other information on my profile. Its just one integer anyways :\
Posted by Phredreeke 23rd May, 2007

I changed the skin on my other computer. Then when I went on this computer today, it was still black.
Posted by axel 23rd May, 2007

I just changed my skin on this computer, and then went on my brother's machine, and it was the same there. So apparently your selected skin is stored on the server?

"I changed the skin on my other computer. Then when I went on this computer today, it was still black."

Stupid caching, maybe?
Posted by Flava 23rd May, 2007

Skin is stored in the database, as far as I am aware.
This was just something for the general poll though - the number of people who use a particular skin isn't of any use to us. It's just a poll.
Posted by Del Duio 23rd May, 2007

Retroactive shareware games that didn't get included in their respective GOTWs coming up soon?
Posted by Del Duio 23rd May, 2007

For a new vote, I mean!

And I'm using the newer navy blue skin. It's great!
Posted by Tim 23rd May, 2007

Yeah, polls are RARELY for any purpose on a very high percentage of most websites, I should imagine. Just there as something to do, usually It's a nice little welcoming invitation thing..

and thanks Del Duio
Posted by Phredreeke 24th May, 2007

Actually what I meant was, I changed my skin on one comp, and it changed along on the other one as well.

I changed to the black one
Posted by DaVince 24th May, 2007

No wait, it isn't a cookie, sorry about that.
Posted by Del Duio 24th May, 2007

I had the black one before, but this one is better IMO.
Posted by Muz 25th May, 2007

LOL, the cartoon skin isn't getting any votes. Guess retro is out.

I'm kinda not sure on shareware games. For one thing, I think it's good that some klikers are selling games, they're advertising MMF, bringing in more klikers, or at least giving Clickteam a lot of money. On the other hand, shareware games are unfinished games, just a demo that you have to pay to get the full thing. But shareware games have won GOTW..


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