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Webit 2.0 Developmental Tracker
News posted 24th May, 2007 by The Chris Street  
Simon Colmer, developer of upcoming website application Webit 2.0, has created a blog/development tracker for his product. Simon will also be demonstrating Webit 2.0 at this years Click Convention.

Click here to view the blog.

Posted by Chrisbo 24th May, 2007

What's Webit? The blog doesn't really explain anything about it.
Posted by The Chris Street 24th May, 2007

It's a website builder! You make websites with it
Posted by axel 24th May, 2007

Seemed pretty obvious to me.
Posted by DaVince 24th May, 2007

"What is Webit?Webit is a drag-and-drop website builder built in MMF (originaly 1 but now in 2 Dev). "

It did explain.
Posted by Reno 24th May, 2007

Well hey thats cool! I could ue one of those...

I knwo C++ but not HTML wierd eh?
Posted by DaVince 25th May, 2007

That IS weird, because HTML is a LOT easier. Go learn it!
Posted by chrilley 25th May, 2007

HTML and CSS are probably the easiest languages I've ever tried. And right now I'm learning C++. Not going very well though.
Posted by Chrisbo 25th May, 2007

thanks davince, I stand corrected
Posted by Simon Colmer 26th May, 2007

lol! sorry i only added that the other day! Yeah, i have big plans for Webit 2.0! If you want to join the BETA team nearer August, mail me!


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