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General Poll #2
News posted 29th May, 2007 by The Chris Street  
What skin are you currently using on The Daily Click?

A total of 126 people voted for this poll.

The majority of you seemed to prefer the Default TDC skin, with 50 votes, followed some way behind by Silvernovas First TDC Skin, with 13 votes. The Navy and Orange skins polled 12 votes, and Noodles "Slate" skin had 11 nominations. The remaining nominations polled far fewer than 11 votes - and with regards to the Cartoon skin, it was a case of null points... oh dear.


Which Clickteam product do you use the most?

Posted by Plooscva 29th May, 2007


I neither can't imagine working on TGF nor posses it.
Posted by Joe.H 29th May, 2007

I don't use any.
Posted by Reno 29th May, 2007

I use the classic skin. and I use both MMF1 and 2 even;y. MMF1 has lots of fun extensions
Posted by Johnny Look 29th May, 2007

Interesting poll I must say.
Posted by Klikmaster 29th May, 2007

Classic Skin!

Noone voted for my cartoon skin, but then again it sucked, even I don't use it.
Posted by JFrudy 29th May, 2007

Posted by Phredreeke 29th May, 2007

1. Click n Create was practically the same as TGF. Originally TGF lacked a few features, but they were provided in upgrades.
2. Click n Create isn't called Click n Create anymore, it was renamed Multimedia Fusion Express.
3. Was Jamagic ever released?
Posted by Hayo 29th May, 2007

TGF for gfx and MMF2 for games. That means I use TGF the most by far.
Posted by The Chris Street 29th May, 2007

Click and Create was still released commercially, so it still counts.
Posted by TheoX 29th May, 2007

MMF2 is the only one I use.
Posted by Neuro 29th May, 2007

I used TGF more than MMF1.5 (I hated the graphics editor ), but MMF2 just makes everything so much easier I wouldn't dream of using anything else, now.
Posted by axel 29th May, 2007

Looks like most users have moved on to MMF2. Well, it's gone almost a year since its release. I have more or less completely abandoned MMF 1.5 and TGF. MMF2 Dev for the win.
Posted by Johnny Look 29th May, 2007

mmf2 atw
Posted by Zethell 29th May, 2007

MMF2, even if it sucks my ballsack and lack a lot of extenssions and is filled with bugs! FUCK I HATE MMF2! dont do the same mistake i did! DONT BUY MM-*Hey! where are you taking me!?! RELEASE ME!*

- No really, mmf2 really sucks donkey balls, improving MMF1 would of been better.

Can't wait for bugfixes and extensions such as DMC2.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 29th May, 2007

of course MMF2
but i think the poll would be more interesting if the question was "Which Clickteam product have you used the most?"
in that case i am not sure if its TGF or mmf 1.5
Posted by JustinC 29th May, 2007

I voted Click and Create but yeah mine is called MMF express.
Posted by Bibin 29th May, 2007

Bleck - nobody likes Jamagic.

I like CNC.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 29th May, 2007

So far I've used MMF1.5 the most, but I'm slowly turning to the Dark Side...A.K.A. MMF2. I'm quite enjoying it too

MMF2 FTW even thou it may suck, I love it!
Posted by JohnsProgram 29th May, 2007

I;m still using MMF1.5, but it'll be my last Clickteam product I'll ever try. Time for something advanced!
Posted by Joshtek 30th May, 2007

I'd just like to say that there are several non-Clickers I know who only know of Clickteam because they have used Install Creator/Maker.
Posted by LIJI 31st May, 2007

Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer
Posted by alastair john jack 1st June, 2007

Klik and Play beta version.
Posted by nim 1st June, 2007

Poor Jamagic.

Hands up who bought it..


Posted by Hill Gigas 1st June, 2007

I didn't even know there were other skins until this post.


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