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New Alpha: Little Ghost Joe
News posted 2nd June, 2007 by Rikus  
Johnny Look is hard at work at his latest game: Little Ghost Joe. A platformer that's getting great comments. Since this is still an Alpha version Johnny is looking for your feedback so be sure to give some constructive comments to him.

Comments from the author: Little Ghost Joe is a platformer somewhat similar to some classics like Mario I've been working for 6 months with lots of diferent enemies and obstacles (although this version is kinda short of them) and a online highscores table among other tasty features.
Click here to download the Alpha and read its reviews.

Posted by Johnny Look 2nd June, 2007

Thanks a lot Rikus !
Posted by savvy001 3rd June, 2007

yo johnny. ive played your game and i found this.
going thru the level you have a sort of tutorial wich is cool,, but swiches on everytime i died in game.

i aint that good so i fel in the pits everytime when trying to jump the right way. but as i retried the tutorial came up again.
so its kind of in the way when running towards a hole and jumping a distance and then popping up again. having me to stop push a button and contiue.

so maybe tutorial (of) or (on) would be nice?
but as i said i suck at these games so it could just be me
Posted by Johnny Look 3rd June, 2007

thanks for the suggestion, I'll probably fix that.



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