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News posted 3rd July, 2007 by Rikus  
While I'm sitting here in my computer room were I believe it is a good 40 million degrees and my little girl is playing with my phone dialing random people i am here bringing you some news today, woohoo! lol.

I wanted to talk about ImmunityCS today its bassicly a software program that allows you to create graphic scenes, music and other multimedia content. The project is shaping up pretty nicely. For more info give the link below a quick look. As for me time to get out of here:)

Posted by Silveraura 4th July, 2007

Watch for long distance charges there Rikus.
Posted by Green Gnome 4th July, 2007

I'd love to get my hands on that piece of software. I'm just afraid I might have to use not so supportive methods to gain it.
Posted by Wicked Studios 4th July, 2007

looks to me like a glorified MMF2 library that includes shiny graphics and prefab sounds. until it comes out and we can see more its most likely not my cup of tea
Posted by Hayo 4th July, 2007

Hrm, it seems it's cool for people who are bad at..about everything. Kinda like wordart or cars with automatic transition. We do have those kind of people here so it's something to look forward to.
Posted by Dr. James MD 4th July, 2007

Looks like it sucks the fun out of the creation process.
Posted by Willy C 4th July, 2007

It seems to be just a graphics library and a eJay program. It's much cooler to make your own graphics, even if they suck compare to this professional stuff.
Posted by Tim 4th July, 2007

where's axel at lately?
Posted by ncsoftware 4th July, 2007

It looks cool, but it has a major problem, MMF's incapability do easy achievable isometric games. The stuff shown and talked about is more or less isometric and we all know MMF natively doesn't handle isometric stuff well, unless one uses a lot of extensions and advanced engines.

But to be very honest.... I don't believe half of what is being advertised. If it truly does what is being claimed this stuff will cost tons of money. I don't think it will even be released in the end.
Posted by Ski 4th July, 2007

Wish it was hot in the UK this year
Posted by Ben 4th July, 2007

I'd look into this, good graphical production is definitely not my cup of tea. When I make games or other products, I admit that graphics are usually an afterthought, added as required or at the end.

If this program is all it claims to be, I would definitely consider it, especially if they demo it.
Posted by -Liam- 4th July, 2007

Is it just a graphics and music editing thing? Seems a little... pointless? Give me good old MS Paint any day!
Posted by Del Duio 4th July, 2007

Here, here to MS Paint!

I like how everything's named i(product name), like the iPod or whatever.

Where's the iPhizzy love?
Posted by Dr. James MD 4th July, 2007

Posted by DaVince 4th July, 2007

"It looks cool, but it has a major problem, MMF's incapability do easy achievable isometric games."

No way. Making isometric movement is easy, and you can use layers to help with the visuals.
Posted by Peblo 4th July, 2007

Uhh? Really? Depends on the game.
Posted by ncsoftware 4th July, 2007

We're talking real isometric movement under the proper angles, not the fake stuff I've seen many using, with the incorrect angles.

I still haven't seen a true isometric movement engine that in MMF that was easy to create and didn't need a lot of extensions.

I'm not talking about the graphics, those can easily be achieved using layers. I'm talking about the proper movement in the correct angles and correct collisions.

If it's so easy to achieve could you show us, since it seems that hardly anyone is able to make true isometric games, since they are the absent catagory when it comes to click games. It's a very popular genre among many game creators, except with clickers, I haven't seen many good isometric games done with click products.
Posted by Deathbringer 4th July, 2007

Sooo immunity CS's "innovative content creation" is a load of prerendered 3D graphics and a facility to copy and paste them into a big picture to create "amazing scenes"

Reminds me of Darbasic's "results in minutes", where they show you how to open a file and run it, which is not quite the same as creating your own game.
Posted by ncsoftware 4th July, 2007

One of the very few true Isometric MMF engines that works well (this one is for MMF2 only). It's not easy at all.... not even close to being easy.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 4th July, 2007

I really have to second that.
Posted by AndyUK 4th July, 2007

If you can make isometric games on ancient consoles (zx spectrum) you can do it just as well in Click.

even i could make one if i ever wanted to. However i hate most isometric games.
Posted by ncsoftware 5th July, 2007

I didn't insult anyone at all, as usual the only person insulting are you Phizzy, but what else can we expect from you.

Obviously you haven't read the whole thing even good enough and you've got no clue what you talking about.
Posted by Del Duio 5th July, 2007

The only good isometric games I've ever really enjoyed were Solstice and Marble Madness. Hmmm, actually I guess Ultima 6 for the SNES is an isometric game too.

I wouldn't even attempt making one unless I had a really great idea for a game with it, mostly because it seems like so much trouble to work with.
Posted by Ski 5th July, 2007

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a great game IMO.
Posted by Del Duio 5th July, 2007

Ah! I forgot about that game, although I think that the Playstation one is way better than the gameboy one. Not that the gameboy one is crap but you know how it goes.
Posted by Ski 5th July, 2007

;_; But the gameboy one is portable
Posted by ben mercer 6th July, 2007

If this programs actually does what it says it does, which I don't really believe at the moment, then it would be pretty cool.

I mean, it says you can "create" your own 3d characters. How does that work? This program is written in MMF2!

It seems probable that it would just be like you pick a generic looking character from the library, pick what hat, shoes, trousers and shirt he wears, then click render.

It would be useful if this product could help you to manage custom made content though.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Posted by ncsoftware 6th July, 2007

I don't even believe it can do that, if it could do that it would be something like Poser which took years to develop and MMF2 sure can't habdle stuff like that, especially when it comes to 3D, MMF2 will fail (unfortunally).

The way I see it presented is that you choose a character from a library and you choose which colors are on the character. It's a bit more like picture editing and I agree with you, I don't believe half of what they claim it to be. I really think they exaggerating and hyping this application to the max. They also state: "but without any rendering time and fuss!" It's basically a glorified library with picture editing options.

In the end, this thing will be very expensive. You have to bay the base application, which comes with a few items only. The rest of the characters, creatures, buildings, vehicles, landscapes and so on you have to buy as add-ons.

If it works, the creators can make a lot of money, but at the same time it will be their failure..... we all know 'clickers' aren't happy about spending too much money on most things.
Posted by danjo 7th July, 2007

this guy should have put his effort into actually using all this media in his own game.
this is not worth it imo. yes- just a library with a "scene editor"
i dont see the magical - make my game for me button either?


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