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General Poll #7
News posted 6th July, 2007 by Flava  
How long have you been clicking?

A total of 118 people voted for this poll.

The results were quite clear this week - 67% of you have been clicking for more than 6 years. Only 7 of you have begun in the last 2 years - maybe that suggests Clickteam need to do more on introducing more people to their products, who knows? Discuss it if you want too!


What MMF2 update would you want the most?

Couldn't think of many answers to put in this poll - so there is an option called "Other" - if you fall under this category, post your suggestion in the comments (and I'll add it to the poll if others agree).

Posted by LIJI 6th July, 2007

Cross platform would be a great update for me.
Posted by Dr. James MD 6th July, 2007

That would be ace indeed.

Posted by Phredreeke 6th July, 2007

Only 7 of you have begun in the last 2 years - maybe that suggests Clickteam need to do more on introducing more people to their products, who knows?

I'm surprised no one said this yet, THE COMMUNITY IS DYING!
Posted by Flava 6th July, 2007

Well we still had like 70+ people who've been here more than 6 years. So the community won't die until they all decide to end their clicking days.

Still would be nice to see a few new faces around though..
Posted by Ricky 6th July, 2007

Maxis used to distribute demo's of click and play with all of their games in the U.S. thats how i became aware. We need to do stuff like this again. People won't bother to download a demo of software, that they have never heard of.

That, and if someone made a really good game with click, not for clickers, but for the general audience, those people would see that this game was made with click software and be interested in it.

Posted by ben mercer 6th July, 2007

I agree that not enough is done to advertise click products.

I mean, I only discovered click when a friend of a friend gave me his old copy of TGF because he didn't want it any more.

If he hadn't given me that copy of TGF I doubt I'd have ever got into making games.
Posted by Silveraura 6th July, 2007

I do not think Clickteam truly understands how badly MMF2 is starving, without hardware acceleration. This needs to be their main concern, who cares if older systems run into issues.
Thats why you add command lines that disable it or give people the ability to add that into their games options. "Hardware" or "Software" rendering.

MMF2 is not a weak piece of software, but without the ability to take advantage of all this new hardware we have, it midas well be.
Posted by Teapot 6th July, 2007

I've been clicking for 12 years.
Posted by Ricky 6th July, 2007

BrandonC, I completely agree with you however, Vitalize needs to be finished first. I didn't used to think so, but now I do.

As the poll shows, very few people are new to click software. Our vitalize games are a perfect opportunity to advertise. People play browser games, hear about click, get demo, buy product, discover community, new members appear!

Posted by Silveraura 6th July, 2007

I highly agree with that statement, the only problem is. Few people, unless they're new to computers, are willing to jump the gun on new, and for all intensive purposes, unknown software.

It's a well known fact that browser addons are almost always littered with spyware and adware. Once you learn not to download it, it leaves everything off the list. Even innocent Vitalize. Klikers are the only people who ever really use it.

I agree though, it's about time V4 is finished, it's been over a year since MMF2 was released.

Then Hardware Acceleration, then the other list of little features.
Posted by Ricky 7th July, 2007

I see your point. Even when games aren't browser based, Windows will warn people not to play .exe files as they can contain viruses etc...

It seems that we are stuck sharing our games with other clickers.
Posted by Silveraura 7th July, 2007

Well games that aren't browser based, have a much better chance as long as you create a professional environment around your games. If you have a large white website with a little banner here and there, with bad grammar and wording then you're going to turn off many people.

Also, you need to get some attention from trusted reviewers, that way you have some legit word to prove your innocence.
Smart internet users seem to have a sense for what's safe and what's not safe. Vitalize seems to really blur that line though. Think about it?

Shockwave, Adobe Flash, Quicktime, Vitalize?
Posted by Koth 7th July, 2007

hardware acceleration,
100% aggree with brandonC etc etc
Posted by Flava 7th July, 2007

Do you guys think we should give more credit to Clickteam in our games? It's quite rare that I see "Made with MMF2" at the end of games - and it hardly advertises MMF2 anyway.

I think hardware acceleration and vitalize 4 should probably have been finished before MMF2 was released - but that's just my opinion. I believe the main problem for Clickteam is making it all work under Vista now.
Posted by chrilley 7th July, 2007

For Clickteam to get more attention and people buying their products, maybe some reviews in PC magazines could help? Also get your products out in regular shops, Clickteam. It's too suspicous to only sell it on your own site. If you'd get a publisher you'd also solve advertising problems since the publisher wants your product to sell too.

Right now I look forward to Hardware acceleration. I get the feeling only Developer edition will be able to use it though.
Posted by Radix 7th July, 2007

Script editor would be nice.
Posted by Silveraura 7th July, 2007

I agree with Radix, I was talking to a friend yesterday about what should be added to MMF2.
Hardware Acceleration
Intergraded MooClick (Low priority)
Script Editor

Flava has a really good point too. We're so concerned about keeping all the credit for what we design, people who make decent games need to give Clickteam more credit. Who cares if you have MMF2 Dev. or not, if you want the company who makes your software, to excel, you're going to need to give a little, to make sure they gain a little.

Eternal Daughter is an example of a game that gave MMF 1.5 a very nice word around various communities. Not just little credit mentions, but actually add it into the intro or something.
Games always do it, theres nothing unprofessional about it. Infact, it's more then less likely less professional, to just jump straight to the titlescreen, without any credit to MMF.
Posted by LIJI 7th July, 2007

I rarely make games (Because I suck at graphics ) but when I do, I usually add some splash screens at the beginning. I plan to have 'made with MMF' screen on bigger projects, but I don't have any for the reason above.

Clickteam never really advertized their products, which is a shame.

Clickteam puts way too much attention at compatibility with very old OSes.
MMF1.2 could still run on Windows 3.x, which wasn't used at all at that time.
Posted by Jarzka 7th July, 2007

Multiple Pathfind.
Posted by Radix 7th July, 2007

Hell no. Remember the forced splash screens? CT can do their own damn advertising. It's not like there aren't comparable authoring tools which have gotten popular without explicit credit... if anything, it hurt more than it helped, marketing-wise, back when we didn't have a choice in the matter. And I'm in no rush to relive that crap.
Not that I'm adverse to mentioning them where appropriate, but I'm not going to shove it down the user's throat any more than I would THESE GRAPHICS WERE MADE IN PAINT SHOP PRO or THESE SOUND EFFECTS ARE ME GURGLING INTO A MICROPHONE AND RUNNING IT THROUGH A BUNCH OF FILTERS IN GOLDWAVE. As a player, I'm apathetic at best and sometimes even irritated by that sort of thing. I little inclination to inflict it on anyone else, and less of giving free adspace to a product I've paid for.
Posted by X_Sheep 7th July, 2007

I couldn't stand the forced "Made with Macromedia" plugs back in the day either, with those very old Director-programs.
Posted by Silveraura 7th July, 2007

True, forcing ads through splash screens is not the way to advertise.
I'm only suggesting that if you design a large game that will clearly get attention, show some pride in the software you used to make it. Don't try to shroud over it and hope everyone who plays the game, thinks higher of you because you think they think that you made the game in some highly complex programing language.

Thanks (not being a smart ass)
Posted by Koth 7th July, 2007

an old and 'forgotten' request:

non-shacking bouncing/stopping event for collisions, it forces us to make our own stopping code every time
Posted by Radix 7th July, 2007

Don't try to shroud over it and hope everyone who plays the game, thinks higher of you because you think they think that you made the game in some highly complex programing language.

Eh? So when I don't put MADE IN NOTEPAD on webpages, it's because I'm trying to pretend I hacked the thing out in a hex editor? Sorry man, but that's a pretty stupid argument. There's no particular pride in using one product over another, especially when you paid for it. If there is, pride and free advertising are still very different things.
Posted by Ricky 8th July, 2007

I think you missed his point.
Posted by Ricky 8th July, 2007

Phizzy, what if you did the events like this?

set flag on
spread value
start loop "object" # times

-on loop
-flag is on
-value is loop index
-some test for whatever you want to do
set flag off
do whatever you want it to do

-on loop
-flag is on
-value is loop index
-some other test for whatever you want
set flag off
do whatever else you want it to do

Posted by Muz 9th July, 2007

IMHO, I think Clickteam charged me too much for MMF & MMF 2 for me to advertise it for them. That and they leave too many bugs in the MMFs for me to do anything serious. It has me just annoyed enough not to put a "made in MMF" statement in my games, not that I'd finish any games with all the bugs in MMF (2).

I dunno, personally, I don't think I really care anymore if the community dies anyway. The community
has gotten static. It just stopped becoming something fun and helpful, it's degenerated into another mob of immature teenagers and young adults. I still make a lot of stuff in MMF, but I don't bother to post most of them as I'd just get some "Oh, any noob could do that".

At this rate, the community will die out. Clickers only tend to make games till they start entering university, getting a job, a spouse, or something else that takes up too much time. Then they'll just idle around. The community will die of old age.. nobody will really leave, it's just that people will stop making games.

But then, it's not really a bad thing. Should the community die, someone will just make a new one with fresh new motivated faces and none of the idiotic elitists who tend to scare away the new guys. Whatever happens, natural selection will fix everything.
Posted by Ricky 9th July, 2007

You are going to find those people everywhere.

" I still make a lot of stuff in MMF, but I don't bother to post most of them as I'd just get some 'Oh, any noob could do that' "
Coward, just ignore them. Is it these people who destroy the community, or the fear of these people.
Posted by Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) 10th July, 2007

A new face appeared! Naw, just kidding. Anyways, i voted for vitalize4,since i don't really need anything for mmf2, except for some kool extensions
Posted by Muz 16th July, 2007

Well, yeah. I just thought that I'd gather more of the stuff any noob could do then post them all in one big wierd world-generator program


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