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New Game: Dizzy YolkFolk Adventures
News posted 8th July, 2007 by Rikus  
Kurak Games brings you a cool new platform game called Dizzy YolkFolk Adventures. Its a game that was created to test out a new engine. With colorful graphics and fun gameplay elements its definitely worth your time.

Comments from the author:From half of year I'm working over engine on which I want to create full-length game with Dizzy in main role (Dizzy is a legendary hero from game series from Spectrum and next PC or NES) Dizzy YolkFolk Adventures is the first (extremely short) game created on this engine. It is created to present it capabilities.
Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

Posted by Ski 8th July, 2007

Seems cool Didn't get very far in it yet
Posted by -Liam- 8th July, 2007

Top knotch!
Posted by Tim 8th July, 2007

Top Banana!
Posted by Fanotherpg 9th July, 2007

It's high level creation based on original Dizzy games so you need monkey dexterity and fresh mind I hope you'll like it.
Posted by Phredreeke 11th July, 2007

Two brethren horses were fighting, one threw glue on the other, who then said "hey, don't involve pops in this!"
Posted by DaVince 13th July, 2007

"It's high level creation"
"High" as in stoned, obviously.


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