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The Weekly Click #18
News posted 15th July, 2007 by Flava  
Just bits of news to report this week - with some teams developing their games further, and other news I've tried to find. Have a read!

  • SilverNova have been busy - some new screenshots of Mirage have been released, which look pretty good and with some nice effects. Some screenshots for Jamie's Revenge have also been posted - which also look very nice. You can see an update on most of their projects by visiting their website. Click here to visit SilverNova.

  • BrandonC has opened a new website called the MMF2 concept website. People are asked to submit and share their ideas for MMF2, in the hope that Clickteam will take notice and consider implementing those ideas into a future update. Jeff from Clickteam has already taken notice of the site, so if you have any ideas - you can draw them up and submit them to Brandon. Click here to visit the MMF2 concept website.

  • Progress on Tormishire seems to be coming along nicely - James has released some new sketches, as well as a new video displaying the particle effects. Certainly looks as though the effects add a nice relaxing feel to the game - still can't wait to play this. Click here for more information.

  • The Clickzine has actually been updated! Tim reviewed Plasma Warrior a while ago, and I've just got my hands on the latest Scurvy Sanchez game, Return to Isle Pokuh. You can read my preview and view some screenshots by clicking below. Circy will also be previewing Bonesaw soon, which looks set to be a very nice game. Click here to visit the Clickzine.

  • Del Duio has released a trailer for his upcoming game, Hasslevania. You can view the 46MB trailer by clicking here, or the 5MB trailer by clicking here. And you can find more information about the game, by clicking here!

  • Posted by Del Duio 15th July, 2007

    What do you have stock in Tormishire Flava?

    I'm surprised some things didn't get the nod, considering how dry it's been here lately.

    *cough* Trailer for the game I've been making for 7 months is finally out *cough*
    Posted by Flava 15th July, 2007

    If you want something put up, just message me
    Posted by Del Duio 15th July, 2007

    Yeah, you're right I just checked out Tormishire for the first time now and it looks pretty pro.
    Posted by Ski 15th July, 2007

    Also, apparently it was the Teaton's 2nd anniversary the other day
    Posted by Flava 15th July, 2007

    I've added it to the post for you, Del Duio.
    Posted by Del Duio 15th July, 2007

    I only wish I could edit my whiny posts out now, lol..
    Maybe that will be the next site improvement hmmm?

    Thank you Flava
    Posted by Tim 15th July, 2007

    Brandon please use high quality JPGs instead of lossless PNG!! You would reduce both your bandwidth and webspace and help the site load quicker dude! lol
    Posted by alastair john jack 15th July, 2007

    These features are needed in MMF

    Posted by Dr. James MD 15th July, 2007

    I'm really looking forward to Hasslevania.
    Posted by DaVince 15th July, 2007

    "There is no such thing as a bad idea!" WRONG. Let's hope people don't come with bad ideas now.
    Posted by Ski 15th July, 2007

    yeah, pokémon fan games and such
    Posted by Jake G 16th July, 2007

    yay, news to o with Jamie, o btw guys there is a preview page for Jamie's Revenge here: incase you didnt know, (its in need of talk about the actual game)

    Posted by viva/volt 16th July, 2007

    The concepts for MMF2 are good ideas. Let's hope clickteam listen! But yeah, there are bad ideas .

    Hasslevania looks awesome
    Posted by Jake G 16th July, 2007

    ignore the my other entry!
    Posted by Jake G 16th July, 2007

    that was bad grammar
    Posted by Tim 16th July, 2007

    yes why it was!

    new preview eh? yey
    Posted by viva/volt 16th July, 2007

    Silvernova seems to have stolen this comment section...
    Posted by Tim 16th July, 2007

    First this comment section.. next - THE WORLD!!
    Posted by Dr. James MD 16th July, 2007

    Talk about Hasslevania! I loves me Castlevania GBA and DS games.
    Any idea of when it's out Del Duio?
    Posted by DaVince 16th July, 2007

    -Adam-: that's not an MMF2 feature.
    Posted by Dr. James MD 16th July, 2007

    But it's a bad idea.
    Posted by DaVince 16th July, 2007

    Not really, depends on how you're doing it.
    Posted by TheoX 16th July, 2007

    I'm looking forward to Hasslevania!
    Posted by Del Duio 17th July, 2007

    It's coming out on August 21st, which is of course *NEW RELEASE TUESDAY* for books and music and... my MMF games??

    I've done so much work on the thing, I would seriously say over 500 hours total, since none of the graphics were recycled from any of my other stuff, and trying to make so many ways to reach treasures / get places and doing it right was really hard. Level design I guess?

    That trailer is pretty much obsolete already, since there are things that I've added to the shots seen in the trailer that aren't in there. So it really WILL be a surprise, after all.

    Although it's my first real platformer and custom engine (and isn't as rock solid as some)I can honestly say that this is my biggest click achievement to date. I can say this because the game challenges me at parts, but is still fun to play. I figure if I haven't gotten sick of it yet that's a good sign.
    Posted by Ski 17th July, 2007

    I don't think 500 hours is that much really for a major game :/
    Posted by Tim 17th July, 2007

    I played FF7 more than 999 hours.. I think. Well I broke the counter anyways
    Posted by Dr. James MD 17th July, 2007

    My Caroline broke the counter on FF7 too
    A better way to look at it is how many months has it been in the making for, did you work on it every day and how many hours on average a day was put into it?

    Tormishires been 7 months with a good 3 hours a day (5 when it was coursework!).
    Posted by Del Duio 17th July, 2007

    Let's see here, I've been working on it since February and if it comes out when it's supposed to that will be 8 months. Except for a 2 week span in which I didn't touch the thing a couple of months ago (burnout is BAD for making games!), I've worked on it almost every single day for at least 3-5 hours a night, and if I'm lucky I'll get some morning hours in too on my days off from work. Typically I'll begin around 7pm and work on it until at least 11pm, sometimes going on way later than I should (1 or 2am is not uncommon). I would put even more time & effort into the game but when you're married with little kids it's hard enough to keep up the work schedule I've given myself now! And this game has been really hard on my sleeping habits because I've got to be in work at 7am with a big commute to boot. So in a way, Rovert and I have something in common.

    But like we know if it's something you like enough, you do it. Aside from the rare donation, which is just fine by me, I'll probably not make a dime off it too! If it does way better than expectations, I will attempt to make a better sequel that has zero ties to the Castlevania franchise and try to earn some $$ from it. But that's a long ways off.
    Posted by Del Duio 17th July, 2007

    don't think 500 hours is that much really for a major game

    It is if only one person is making it, with a full life of family, kids, and work. And thanks for saying it's a major game- now I have even more worries!
    Posted by Del Duio 17th July, 2007

    Jesus, I just did the math and I think my estimate of 500 hours was really off lol. Math is not my strong suit
    Posted by »xerus 17th July, 2007

    I hear that Bonesaw game is going to be the best thing since Romeo!
    Posted by axel 19th July, 2007



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