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General Poll #9
News posted 19th July, 2007 by Flava  
Honour Thy Admin! Who is your favourite TDC administrator?

A total of 124 people voted for this poll.

So, who is your favourite admin? Well, in first place with 39 votes - it was Rikus! Fully deserved considering he's been here since the start and still finds time for the site, even with his two daughters! In second place with 20 votes was DavidN, while Circy and myself take joint 3rd place with 18 votes each (thanks! :P). Obviously, all the admins are great in their own way! :)


What should be done with DC points?

Tried my best to put some sort of answers in there - if you have any other suggestions, tick the "Other" option and give your ideas in the comments!

Posted by Hempuli 19th July, 2007

They should be used to get custom rating! ;D
Posted by Liquixcat 19th July, 2007

I said use them to buy things, although I can't think of anything to buy. It would be interesting.

Reset them all first though.
Posted by Ricky 19th July, 2007

I remember this forum, we discussed using them to stop fake accounts from voting, but that didn't make it to the list,

thats why i voted other
Posted by Tim 19th July, 2007

"Obviously, all the admins are great in their own way!"

Posted by LIJI 19th July, 2007

I wanted to change my vote from DavidN to Flava, so for me you share the second place with DavidN with 19 votes.
Posted by axel 19th July, 2007

I voted for Shab coz he's hawt.
Posted by Joe.H 19th July, 2007

I voted for Flava because he has the same name as me.
Posted by Ski 19th July, 2007

I voted Assault Andy because he should have been made an actual admin ages ago <3
Posted by Tim 19th July, 2007

IMO Resetting the entire line of DC Points for everyone would make them EVEN MORE useless than they are already.

Just take away people's silly amounts over like 2000, if anything. Since most people's points under 2000 are genuine.
Posted by Del Duio 19th July, 2007

I'll just paste what I said about DC points before here:

I agree with game reviews. I presonally like to write game reviews and if you had a higher point award for reviews it would not only encourage members to play more games but pay more attention to them too.

The idea of points to buy things.. Maybe like characters from Daily Click games sort of like the statues you can collect of all the people and enemies in Windwaker.. That's a cool idea. You could even have a "Statue Submittal" section up here like the game submittal, that would have to be approved by an admin and then the "cost" would be determined perhaps by how many votes it got or GOTW award? Members could submit different statues for their and others' games. A mina statuette showing up next to a Lyle in your member profile? Sounds interesting to me. You should make these things work like money though. Buy a falaffel man for 10 points and it should deduct from your personal total. When you run low it might encourage you to go and make a game! Write a review or an article! Use exclaimation marks!

Posted by LIJI 19th July, 2007

I have 1,000,002 points and they're genuine.
2 points for my article, about 50 for the downloads and the other are for reporting a security bug.
Posted by JohnsProgram 19th July, 2007

I only got 1000 points and didn't know what I could do with them. What CAN you do with TDC points?
Posted by Tim 19th July, 2007

Posted by Peblo 19th July, 2007

Haha, I've got less DC point than you and it doesn't mean a thing! </gloat>
Posted by Joe.H 19th July, 2007


Posted by Ski 19th July, 2007

o rly?
Posted by Tim 19th July, 2007

no rly
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 19th July, 2007

perhaps a new medal system thing?
Posted by Joe.H 19th July, 2007

Use them to pay for webhosting.
Posted by alastair john jack 20th July, 2007

I want to buy things!

Posted by Hempuli 20th July, 2007

Posted by Liquixcat 20th July, 2007

I have around -10,000 DC points. I wanted to be different then all of you.

O'Doyle Rules!
Posted by Tim 20th July, 2007

LC's in the red

Let's all combine points and give them to charity.
Posted by Hayo 20th July, 2007

I think they should be reset and then used to get rid of fake account voting.
Posted by axel 21st July, 2007

You mean that members should have to earn their right to vote, by accumulating a specified amount of DC points? Sounds clever. I dunno about resetting them though, that would probably kill the GOTW poll for some time.
Posted by Ricky 25th July, 2007

Using the DC points to stop fake accounts is a good idea in my opinion .


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