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Click Convention update
News posted 21st July, 2007 by Flava  
Jason Darby has just messaged me, and asked me to give you guys a bit more information about what you can get from the Click Convention this year.

By going to the Click Convention, you can discover new ways of publishing your application, that may expand your audience. There will be new objects for you to discover, to help creating amazing applications easily. Clickteam will also give you an insight into what they have planned for the next two years.

There will also be plenty of competitions, meaning you could walk away with a handful of prizes. And every single participant will walk away with some freebies - including a CD containing a new beta version of MMF2, which will display some new never before seen features.

If you would like to go to the Click Convention this year, tickets are £12 for adults and £15 for under 18s. The convention will take place at Watermill hotel, Hemel Hempstead on September 1st 2007.

Click here to purchase your tickets and view more information

Posted by Flava 21st July, 2007

Anybody here fancy giving me a ride?
Posted by Ski 21st July, 2007

Posted by Bibin 21st July, 2007

I'm really cheesed off that I can't go.
Posted by Dr. James MD 21st July, 2007

If my game gets demoed can I get the MMF2 beta CD?
Posted by The Chris Street 21st July, 2007

I think its only if you turn up.
Posted by Dr. James MD 21st July, 2007

Booo. Still if the last few MMF betas have been anything to go by I think I'll wait. The first couple betas of R245 broke a lot of my game.
Posted by »xerus 21st July, 2007

Well if there wasn't an ocean between me and the convention, I would so be there.
Posted by Jimbob 22nd July, 2007

Can you buy tickets on the door? I think if I go it'll probably be a last minute decision...
Posted by Joshtek 22nd July, 2007

Jimbob: I recommend you get tickets in advance.
Posted by Broomie 22nd July, 2007

I bought my ticket just for MMF2 and the beer.


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