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General Poll #11
News posted 1st August, 2007 by The Chris Street  
Which games console have you had the most fun with?

A total of 134 people voted for this poll.

Leading the way with a rather large majority were the NES/SNES systems, which were mysteriously combined together for this poll. 49 people selected this answer, while 16 went for their Wii (lol). The rather delicious N64 - which I myself selected, came third with 15 votes, while the PS2 polled 13. The rest did rather badly.


Other than TDC, which is your favourite community site? (I wish the poll had an "edit poll title" feature)

TDC has been excluded from this poll for obvious reasons - to avoid anyone showing bias. So, pledge support for the other klik sites. Together, we can keep teh communiteh alive!!!111!!!

Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 1st August, 2007

Teatons boards ftw.
Posted by Hayo 1st August, 2007

I voted other. The clickteam forums is not a community site, TK is dead, the clickzine is not as interesting as it could have been, klik academy is dead, klik union is prolly gonna be good but I can't judge that now and I don't know what klik forever is. What about Game Builder?
Posted by The Chris Street 1st August, 2007

Ok, I put GameBuilder in... but I deleted the "other" poll result, sorry
Posted by Del Duio 1st August, 2007

Hmmmm, I have to vote "other", because KlickMe2 or whatever kind of stunk when I tried it out last year for a time. This will be #1 for me for good most likely.
Posted by Del Duio 1st August, 2007

Oh, and if NES and SNES were separate, I'd have voted regular NES.
Posted by Ski 1st August, 2007

GameBuilder isn't dedicated to Klik
Posted by Fanotherpg 1st August, 2007

I voted other. Why cause the best community site is Polish Community After TDC and French (why there is no Clickmag or sth from France?).
Posted by DaVince 1st August, 2007

Other. I regulate most, right after TDC.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 1st August, 2007

I only ever visit here and the Clickteam forums. Klik Union might as well be dead seeing as though it's nothing more than a screen that's said "Klik-Union is very nearly here" for a lot of months now, doesn't look like it's popping up any time soon and I wouldn't be surprised if people will've lost interest.
Posted by Tim 1st August, 2007

Klik Forever!? :S

KU sucks (and is dead), TK does more so... KA is dead, GB is just a couple of ClickTeam people and well... that's about it for choices!

I say we get a team together to build lol
Posted by Chrisbo 1st August, 2007

Regular NES got my vote. Total Klik for this one, I didn't even know about the rest of the choices (aside from the CT forums)
Posted by Chrisbo 1st August, 2007

btw, what's gamebuilder?
Posted by Ski 1st August, 2007
Posted by Dr. James MD 1st August, 2007

I voted KF 'cuz it's just my MSN mates on a forum.
Haven't been on KA for years (think I'm still an admin too), KU? Still in development. TK? Hah, after the censoring and reading about an admin posting Hayo's gf IP address I think I'm staying well away from that kind of crap.
Posted by AndyUK 1st August, 2007

i reactivated my account at klik forever. It seems to me that it's nearly dead too.
Posted by Dr. James MD 1st August, 2007

It's a bit quiet there now.

On second thought I should have voted KU. Same atmosphere as KF but with a different audience.
Posted by Fanotherpg 2nd August, 2007

I know all of them cause I'm developing Polish community portal and almost everyday there are news from Polish scene, all other klik communities, french, greek, TDC, TK etc, individual clickers pages etc. It's a pitty that Flava doesn't create WC any more
Posted by alastair john jack 2nd August, 2007

Total Klik is the best!
Posted by LIJI 2nd August, 2007

Clickteam forums are awesome. I don't like TK that much, Clickzine is nice but I rarely visit it, The KA has potencial but it's dead and KU is... not opened? Klik Forever has potencial toom but it's dead too. Game builder was JUST opened, it needs some time to get good.

Also, Flava make the weekly click again or we all will eat you.
Posted by Fanotherpg 2nd August, 2007

KF is dead cause FallenFox is on vacation and it was on his PC so probably his girlfriend turn it off and don't know how to reopen KF
Posted by Hempuli 2nd August, 2007

Nifflas Forums.
Posted by Matt Boothman 2nd August, 2007

I don't know if this was some kind of clever ruse to highlight how TDC is the only active community site - but it worked. I voted KA, just for the crack.
Posted by JML Games 2nd August, 2007

"i reactivated my account at klik FOREVER. It seems to me that it's nearly dead too."

kind of ironic
Posted by ncsoftware 2nd August, 2007

It's obvious that the click community is dead except for some diehards. I'm not saying that TGF/MMF are dead, but the communities sure are and I hope it doesn't reflect the sales CT is making.

I'm sure the gamecreators took away a huge chunk of sales with their FPS Creator. While the application is no good at all, it still sells well due to the appeal it has for game creator 'wanabees'. It has the appeal CT products used to have years ago. It's a good thing thegamecreators cannot develop stable software, otherwise they would have overshadowed CT most likely.
Posted by Andi Smith 2nd August, 2007

Where's Planet Klik in that list?
Posted by X_Sheep 3rd August, 2007

Planet What?
Posted by Hill Gigas 3rd August, 2007

You mean there is a click community OUTSIDE of the DAILY CLICK? HOGWASH!!
Posted by S.U.M.G.O.O - UNLIMITED 6th August, 2007

Maybe you should add the S.U.M.G.O.O ULTIMATE forums?
Posted by DaVince 7th August, 2007

That is not a Click community, and way too small to count.


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