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New Donation from Nastyman!
News posted 15th August, 2007 by Rikus  
Wow he is back folks, if his previous donation by him was not enough

Nastyman donated a whopping 22.50 (UK)! Thanks for believing in the site Nastyman so lets give him some cool comments folks!

Also a little bit of cool info thats going on in the background right now. Some changes (big and small) are underway for the site, we will all keep you posted on it but i'm very excited about it all.

Posted by Silveraura 15th August, 2007

Thank you! I should donate some time. Send TDC like 50 bucks in pennies. Would that count?
Posted by alastair john jack 15th August, 2007

Nastyman you're a really awesome!
I appreciate your generosity and giving to the Daily Click. It means a lot to me!
Posted by Bricnic 15th August, 2007

Good work Nastyman, it's people like you who make sure we can get our daily click fix
Posted by Flava 15th August, 2007

Nastman, you rock!
Posted by Johnny Look 15th August, 2007

nastyman ftw
Posted by Matt Boothman 15th August, 2007

Woah Nastyman, you must be loaded.

Well done sire.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 15th August, 2007

w00t w00t Nastyman!
Posted by -Liam- 15th August, 2007

Nastyman! Well done! Congratulations!
Posted by viva/volt 15th August, 2007

We all love you Nastyman!
Posted by Tim 15th August, 2007

22 quid!? WOOOP
Posted by AndyUK 15th August, 2007

Crazy money from a crazy man. Good job Nastyman.
Posted by Hempuli 15th August, 2007

Posted by Attan 15th August, 2007

May i kiss your avatar?
Posted by Hayo 15th August, 2007

Thanks Nastyman
Posted by Sweetjuice 15th August, 2007

Whoa! Very, very kind of you, Nastyman
Posted by Sephirenn 15th August, 2007

thanks dude! And i cant wait to hear more about the new changes.
Posted by Aptennap 15th August, 2007

Thanks man.
Posted by Blueberry 15th August, 2007

Good job, Nastyman! We love you!
Posted by DaVince 15th August, 2007

Slow TDC is sloooooooooooooowww

Oh, and thanks for the donation, Sir Nasty!
Posted by Jake G 16th August, 2007

thankyou thankyou thankyou mr nastyman sir
Posted by Mkingy 16th August, 2007

thankyou Nastyman )
Posted by Bibin 16th August, 2007

Nobody called me awesome when I donated.

Yay Nastyman!
Posted by viva/volt 17th August, 2007

We all know you're awesome Bibin, no-one needs to say it
Posted by Phredreeke 17th August, 2007


Oh, and cool that you donated, Nastyman. I would donate, but I don't have a PayPal account. How come Nastyman isn't on the donators page though?
Posted by AndyUK 18th August, 2007

donators page? there is one?
Posted by Phredreeke 18th August, 2007

Yeah. Click on the "Why make a donation?" link to the left. Not only is Master Yair not listed, but Jon Bishop (WHO??) is listed twice...
Posted by Bibin 18th August, 2007

I'm notably not on it.
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd August, 2007

Jon Bishop = Smegsoft
Posted by Muz 26th August, 2007

Wow.. that's a lot of money.
* Muz salutes Nastyman


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