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Help Wanted! - Graphic Artist Required Urgently!
News posted 19th August, 2007 by The Chris Street  
Simon Colmer is looking for a graphics artist for his application Webit 2.0.

While this is slightly unconventional of me to post this on the news page rather than the forums, it should be noted that Simon is demonstrating his website builder at the Click Convention in under two weeks time - hence the matter of urgency. Here's what Simon says:

"Getting closer to the dead line (although there isnt one) i really need some Application Graphics started, so if you are interested in making some money and have a portfolio or anything, please get in contact with me as i nned a graphic artist!

You will be required to:

  • Design a professional logo
  • Make all the icons
  • Make nice buttons
  • Help with the creative direction of the layout of Webit 2.0 for a profesional outcome"

    If you are genuinely serious and want to help Simon (and make a little moolah on the side), please contact him by sending him either a DC-Mail or e-mail (address is also in his profile)

  • Posted by Simon Colmer 19th August, 2007

    Original Post Found Here
    Posted by Bibin 19th August, 2007

    mail(s) sent.
    Posted by Airflow 20th August, 2007

    I know someone doing a multimedia design course. They might be of help. I'll see If I can get them to contact you.
    Posted by Arneckian 20th August, 2007

    And I nned sex! Do I get a post too?
    Posted by Airflow 20th August, 2007

    How much you paying?
    Posted by Johnny Look 20th August, 2007

    get a hooker
    Posted by The Chris Street 20th August, 2007


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