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General Poll #15
News posted 28th August, 2007 by The Chris Street  
What (confirmed) presentation are you most looking forward to at the Click Convention this year?

A total of 95 people voted for this poll.

The main, initial presentation regarding new features of MMF2/TGF2 attracted the most attention, with 52 votes. Second came the question and answer session, with 11 votes. Third came the Mr Stump's Dentures 2 presentation, slightly behind with 10 votes, and the Indy Game Development presentation came 4th, with 6 people voting.


What is your current project?

Be it a game or application, there's hopefully something for everyone to chose from. In case you're working on multiple projects theres an option there for you to choose from as well.

Posted by ncsoftware 29th August, 2007

funny results.... As if even 52 people go to the convention...... let alone 95.


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