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News: The return of Klik-Union
News posted 31st August, 2007 by Flava  
Well we've certainly been waiting for a long time, but it's finally here - version 2 of Klik-Union. This time it's not using phpBB, instead it's been coded from the ground up by Bishie and Klikmaster. The new design is nice and clean, and it looks as though a lot of hard work has gone into it. If you registered on the old site, your account is still there - as are all the forum posts and submissions from the last site. If you haven't registered, then go ahead and do it now!

Comments from Bishie: After strenuous toil and hardship on Joe's part, Klik-Union V2 is finally here for your viewing pleasure. Much has changed as you can quite plainly see, not only are we free from the confines of phpBB, but we have a number of new features which should cater to the needs of developers and designers alike.

Click here to visit Klik-Union.Com

Posted by Ski 31st August, 2007

Klikmaster FTW <3
Posted by Dr. James MD 31st August, 2007

Posted by Smeggy 31st August, 2007

Thanks Flava.
Posted by 31st August, 2007

I can't log in or register a new account x)
Posted by Smeggy 31st August, 2007

It would help if you stated what happened when you tried to do so.
Posted by 31st August, 2007

What happens is I try to log in, and I can't log in. As in not being able to log in, neh?
I also tried registering a new account but it kept on saying I had made a typing mistake in the dialogues.
Posted by Klikmaster 31st August, 2007

Alonso, the register form has been improved now. Give it another go.
Posted by Joe.H 31st August, 2007

I hope you've taken into account all those security features and stuff I suggested to you.
Posted by AndyUK 31st August, 2007

I'm signed up!
Posted by 31st August, 2007

Hmm.. I still can't log in or register. Sorry about that x)
Posted by Jason Orme 31st August, 2007

can't log in or register either.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 31st August, 2007

Nor can I. I demand free pudding for my toil.
Posted by Ski 31st August, 2007

I demand free fertilizer for my soil.
Posted by DaVince 1st September, 2007

I register:
"You were registered!"

I login:
"An error occured, please register again."
However, I see myself logged in, on the left side. Even after navigating away from that page. So I registered and logged in just fine, even if it said I didn't.
Posted by Johnny Look 1st September, 2007

it happened to me too.
Posted by AndyUK 1st September, 2007

yeah, same here.
Posted by Klikmaster 1st September, 2007

Ah, that message happens if you login on the page you get after you're registered. It thinks you're trying to register again. It shouldn't affect your login though.
Posted by Klikmaster 1st September, 2007

Well, I've stopped it happening now. You guys are logged in ok?
Posted by Johnny Look 1st September, 2007

just a lil note:
In the downloads, the ratings combobox is too small, i can't see the rating, make it larger !
Posted by Smeggy 1st September, 2007

The aforementioned has been sorted, Johnny.


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